ROYAL REVIEW (8.17.22)

To be Christ-centered in our words, thoughts and actions.


Queen of Angels Families,

This has been a great start to the 2022-2023 school year. It is so great to see students in the classrooms and moving about in the hallways. I have had the pleasure to be outside daily to assist with recess duty. I forgot how much I enjoyed doing this. We are working right now on forming relationships with our students in our classrooms and we are starting to make the academic push into the school year as well.

Our students have been blessed by attending an All-School Liturgy last Friday, which included the use of incense and I had an opportunity to serve along with some of the students and Mr. Lushis. We are so very blessed to have Fr. Spenser St. Louis as our pastor. The children and staff all loved his homily.

As the beginning of the year continues we will be moving into our Fall Football and Volleyball season, so be prepared to receive more information as we receive it.

We wish you a wonderful week and continue to ask the Blessed Mother to intercede on our behalf so that we can continue to obtain multiple graces and blessings.

Mary, Queen of Angels, Pray for us!

Mr. Dennis G. Wiegmann, Principal

New Lunch Program

Our lunch program officially began on August 15th. We are waiting to hear back from the State on our Free and Reduced Lunch applications. We will be working on ways for you to pay for student lunches. Stay tuned as we try to make this process easier.

We are able to say that we have coordinated with a milk company that will allow us to lower our lunch prices for the school year. We will be moving away from $4.25/meal and our new price will be $3.75/meal. If your child packs and only needs a milk, they can purchase one for $.50.

The new meals are delicious and we hope that your children will enjoy them as well.



If there is one thing that you read in this newsletter, please take time to read these Drop-off and Pick-up procedures. Our parking lot is designed in a way that we have very specific details on how to drop off students so that all are safe and there are no accidents. Here is the morning drop-off procedure that all parents need to follow:

1. Pull up to the sidewalk in the front of the school and pull all the way up to the end of the sidewalk. (Even if nobody is behind you, this is so important, as to not cause bottlenecks).

2. The first car will typically always have someone to open the door for you. We ask that you let us help you and that you not get out of your car to open your child's door.

3. The last car that should let a child out, is the one that is right in front of the S1 school door. Any cars behind that one should wait so that you don't take the risk that a car may drive by and then the safety of your child becomes a great concern.

4. Do not park in the front parking lot and try to walk your child to the front door during drop-off time (7:30-8:10). This becomes very dangerous for all parties. If you need to bring your child to the door, then you must park on the north side of the Monsignor Faber Activities Center and park there; walk your child on the sidewalk, up to the S1 door.

5. Make every effort to have your child go out of the passenger side doors of the vehicle on the sidewalk side. The passenger doors on the driver's side can be dangerous if others are not paying attention.

6. DO NOT pull around a car that is letting out their child in the line. We try to work very quickly to get children onto the sidewalk and by pulling around a car, you can put yourself or a child at risk for injury.

Here are the Pick-up Procedures for the end of the day (3:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. on Thursday):

1. Our lines run parallel to the Monsignor Faber Activities Center building. There are typically five to six lines of cars.

2. When you arrive, if you are the first car, please pull up to the end of the sidewalk. In the first line, and thereafter, the last car in the line should be lined up to the sidewalk, right before you reach the entrance of the school. (Basically the last door before the main doors)

3. Administration and some teachers run the dismissal line. If you are picking up your child, please stay at your vehicle until students come out. Please do not crowd the main sidewalk and wait for your child. We will make sure that they get dismissed to your car. (THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT AS THERE REALLY IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR YOU TO PARK IN THE SIDE LOT OR SOMEWHERE ELSE TO WALK UP. THE PARENTS ON THE SIDEWALK SHOULD ONLY BE PARENTS THAT WALK PICK UP THEIR CHILD AND THEY WALK HOME).

4. Once your child is in your car, the staff will make sure all cars are packed and then the Principal or designee will let the first row of cars dismiss. If you are a front car in the line and your child gets into your car, DO NOT pull away and leave until directed by staff. There are many children going to their cars in the parking lot and we MUST make sure all cars are clear before we start sending cars. We start with the row closest to the sidewalk and dismiss accordingly.

5. The only students who will be dismissed from the front parking lot are the K-8 students. Our preschool and Kindergarten Prep students (and their siblings) will be dismissed in the North Parking lot of the Monsignor Faber Activities Center, PROMPTLY AT 3:00 PM. Preschool parents, if you are not in that parking lot and ready to pick your children up, they will be sent to the After-Care program and you will need to sign up and pay to send your child to AFTER-CARE. Our preschool teachers start their plan period at 3:00 p.m. and are not able to supervise your children if you are late.

6. K-8 students, the bell will ring at 3:00 PM and students will begin to be dismissed to the front parking lot. The procedures above in Item #4 will be followed. If you are unable to pick up your child by 3:20 PM, they will be required to go to AFTER-CARE and you will need to sign up with LEARN RESOURCE CENTER (YOUR CHILD CANNOT ATTEND THE LEARN AFTERCARE PROGRAM UNLESS YOU REGISTER THEM AND PAY FOR THEIR ADMITTANCE. IF THEY CANNOT ATTEND AFTERCARE THEN WE WILL BE CALLING YOU TO COME AND GET YOUR CHILD). We have many things that need to be done after dismissal and we are unable to keep watch of the students unless they go to AFTER CARE.


The AfterCare program is run by the Learn Resource Center and Ms. Brittany is again in charge of the program. If you would like your child(ren) to stay during after-school hours or anticipate that you may be unable to pick your child(ren) up by the required time after school on any number of days of the week, you will need to register for the program.

A parent will need to sign up for this program online by going to the Before and After Care section of our website (or clicking here) There is a cost to this after-school program and that is arranged through Learn Resource.



As we begin to prepare for the 2022-2023 School Year, we are making some adjustments to the previous year's dress code, and we wanted to make you aware of them before your children attend the first days of school.

Mass Attire: (All School Friday Masses, Major Feast Days, and Marian Celebrations)

Students will now have the option to dress up for Mass on All School Friday Masses and major Feast Days.

Boys: If choosing to dress up, boys should wear a button-up dress shirt of any solid color (short- or long-sleeved) with dress pants or their uniform pants and a tie. Any appropriate tie is acceptable.

-If your son is unable to dress up, he should wear the uniform polo shirt and uniform pants.

Girls: If choosing to dress up, girls should wear an appropriate length dress or skirt (uniform jumper, uniform skirt, or other church-type skirt or dress) with a short or long-sleeved solid-colored button-up or dressy blouse.

-Skirts and dresses should be at least to the knee and should not be tight-fitting or sleeveless.

-Skirts or dresses should be modest and church-appropriate, with no logos or words on them.

-If your daughter prefers not to wear a skirt or dress, she may wear a short or long-sleeved solid-colored button-up blouse or uniform polo with dress pants or uniform pants.

Spirit Wear Days:

Beginning in September, students may wear a Spirit Wear shirt on Thursdays with their regular uniform pants or shirts. A spirit shirt can be purchased from our Spirit Wear shop here.

-Students who have Spirit Wear shirts from past years may wear those as well; including your volleyball, football, soccer, and basketball spirit shirts.

Dress Down Days:

We will have a variety of days where we will offer dress-down opportunities. On these days, students will be asked to donate $1 and the money collected will go to one of our many Catholic-supported charities. (We will remind parents and students at that time, what is appropriate to wear)


Boys need to remember that they are able to have their hair to the collar of their shirt, which pretty much stops at the shoulders. If hair goes beyond the shoulders, than your child will be asked to get their hair cut to the proper length. This will be enforced as we want to allow your child some leeway in regards to hair, but we do not want this policy to be taken advantage of.

Also, please make sure that the hair is cut out of your child's eyes. This goes for both girls and boys.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Again, these changes will also be made in the Student/Parent Handbook that you received at the beginning of the year.

Many blessings,

Mr. Wiegmann

Church Events

Rosario en espanol Rosary in Spanish

Rosario en español: Ven y únete con nosotros todos los lunes a las 8:15 A.M. para rezar el rosario en Español . Esta hora fue escogido para que aquellos padres que pueden atender ,después dejar a sus niños al colegio pueden caminar directamente a la iglesia y rezar el rosario. Nuestra Señora promete quién reza constantemente mi Rosario, recibirá cualquier gracia que me pida con la conformidad de la voluntad de Dios .Nuestro Señor Jesús Cristo y la Virgen María te espera.

Paz y Bien,
Laurie Reynolds

Come and join us every Monday at 8:15 and learn to pray the rosary in Spanish. We have three parishioners that have joined us since April and they know already how to pray it in Spanish. I have made prayer cards where you can follow with us. Our Lady promises whoever prays my rosary constantly will receive whatever grace they ask of me in accordance with God’s will. Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary awaits you.


Guiding students, as children of Mary, to be disciples of Christ through faith, knowledge and service.