Sweetz Bakery!

By: Kaitlynn

Grand Opening!

Want to enjoy some of your favorite desserts with family? Friends? Great! Come down to Sweetz bakery! The Grand opening is the 5th of September! The address is 508 E St! The time of the grand opening will be 3:30-7:00pm!

Sweetz Bakery Menu!

This bakery will have all the desserts you love such as, Pie, cookies, cakes, and doughnuts! On the day of the grand opening, all the things on the menu will be free! Bring your friends and family! We offer different desserts, we customize too! Birthdays, Holidays and for traditions you might have. If you need a cake, pie, or cookie customized, just bring in a picture of the design you want, and your name with a number!