Goal Statements

11th Grade Year

Goal Statement #1

I wish to maintain my AB Honor Role. I will do this by making sure that assignments are turned in on time and I will do my best to take advantage of offered extra credit and revisions. This will allow for me to get the grades I wish to obtain and make sure that I make my parents happy by making good grades.

Goal Statement #2

As of late, I have done many hours of community service with my father coaching soccer for the YMCA, and I have nothing to show for it. I also do not have anything marked down for the volunteer work that I have done for my church when I work in childcare. I know that this is a bad thing, and I wish to make sure I catch up in writing down and turning in my hours to Mr. Abernathy. Yes, this may make him slightly, or very, upset, but I do need to have these hours. By doing this I can make sure that my commitment to the community is obvious for when I apply to college, and I also need one hundred and fifty hours to graduate anyways. Community service is very important to me, and I would love for others, especially colleges, to know that about my character.

Goal Statement #3

I would like to make sure of what major I want to do and try and pick out my top three schools on my list of possibilities. By doing this I will know what requirements I will need to have to apply and what colleges I need to tour with my parents. I can also know what scholarships to apply for and save up money for what I want to do.