4C Newsletter

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Class Happenings

I am sorry that it has been so long since I have filled you in on the happenings in 4C. We have been so busy learning new things and participating in the Great Kindness Challenge that time got away from me. Over the past month and half we have spent our Friday afternoons learning how to be scientists and using the scientific method to test predictions while participating in a variety of experiments. Yesterday the students completed their first Maker Space Challenge. They were provided with clothes pins, craft sticks and binder clips and the only direction was to create something. It was fun to watch and the students were engaged in building for an hour. Next month they will be given the sames supplies and a new set of directions.

Math Practice

We have been using Front Row and Prodigy this year to get some extra targeted practice in math. Students can access these resources from home to work on fluency or other math topics.

The address for Front Row is students.frontrowed.com/#login and our code is caver6

The address for Prodigy is prodigygame.com
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