All about me

Martin Uribe

My family

My name is Martin Uribe. My mom and dad are from Mexico and they moved to Irving TX which is where I was born on May 8th 2003. My sister was born four years before I was. My mother enjoys crafting and she likes to decorate the house during the holidays. My dad is a big foodie and enjoys to eat a lot and when he was young he used to play futbol all the time.My sister is 16 years old and she is an artist and writes, she's also an actress. We have a family cat named Fluffy and she is 7 years old.

My personal interests

I am a fan of dinosaurs since forever which is why I like the game Jurassic World the game so much along with Team Fortress 2. I also like to draw and read books. My favorite YouTuber is TheGamingBeaver and his Jurassic World the game series has gone off the roof. He is also a fan of dinosaurs.

My favorite school subject

My favorite school subject is math because there is more to math than counting numbers. For example you would have to add ,and subtract fractions which is a skill everyone in life needs. Like handling money is a situation that allows you to work with fractions. I like the challenge that comes with solving the problems.

Goals for this year and future

My goals for this year are to make new friends,but also staying on task in my classes. As well as doing all of my homework and studying for tests. My future goals are to become an animator. I would like to make pivot dinosaur battles but also funny animations.

My learning style

It is easier for me to learn by listening to what the teacher is saying.
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