Approach art from the inside out!

Answers from God~see video below!

Mary Moses has been teaching, The Art of Seeing to many individuals who are looking to open their subconscious minds through art! Many students have "seen" deceased loved ones, answers to prayers and life questions, ancient landscapes and structures, spiritual beings or aliens & more.

Mary began creating art as a healing process from childhood abuse. One day as she was creating a tree woman with a black hole in her heart, her father appeared within that hole-the spitting-image of his face. Finding this significant and curious as to whether we are able to communicate through art, Mary began exploring with herself and then with others. What she found was that, most of the time, answers come through in faces, symbols and animals that tells a story, answers questions and relays messages. Mary interprets the symbols and energies within the art for you to cherish and reflect.

Mary prays to God, asking for his guidance and answers before each session and asks each student to have faith in the images they "see".

Schedule an appointment with Mary at HRMagoo's in Ponce de Leon, FL or Mary will come to you! $50/person

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Seeing Ancient Cultures and Landscapes

A woman created this Native American piece by "seeing" these images using Mary's technique. There are women with swan headdresses, a man laughing with a child sitting on his tongue, totem pole-like and interpretation was astounding for this woman who had no idea how closely related she was to the Creek Indians until she investigated after creating this piece! A woman from Cuba created an Egyptian ancient civilization landscape with pyramids, flat-roofed buildings, stones that were alive, an old man holding a staff & more! Do we subconsciously have memories in our DNA? Some questions cannot be answered but what you see, will make you feel something significant.

Mary Moses art-"PEACE"