Leprechaun Trap

Due March 17

My Leprechaun Trap

It is very simple and you can use stuff from your house.

Supplies you will need are:

• Rope

• Pot

• Jenga Game (it's wooden rectangles)

• Conveyor Belt (you can by one)

• Slide

• Inclined Plane

• Table

• Sign

• Thick, heavy blanket

Guaranteed to work endlessly

How do you make it?

1. Paint the sign white with bold letters saying something like this, "Gold this way" or "Follow this trail to the gold".

2. Put the conveyor belt and hide it with leaves on it.

3. Make sure that their are Jenga Blocks covering both sides so he doesn't escape or run away.

4. Place the inclined plane right in front of the conveyor belt, it will push the Leprechaun onto the inclined plane.

5. Put a table that is level to the top of the inclined plane's top.

6. Remember to put Jenga Blocks on the table and inclined plane to make the Leprechaun stay on the trail.

7. Put the slide on the opposite side of the table, compared to the inclined plane. (Jenga blocks must be tall enough to be taller then the slide.)

8. Ropes will hold the pot of fake, plastic gold.

9. Once the Leprechaun jumps onto the pot, you will let go of the ropes and the Leprechaun will fall in with the pot in the hole.

10. Drop a thick, heavy blanket onto the hole to trap him.