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We help students establish deep understanding and unwavering confidence in their ability to communicate in the language of mathematics and make connections.

This builds the aptitude to solve problems and justify reasoning both inside the classroom and in day-to-day life, ultimately moving students beyond computation to real comprehension. This is the Imagine Learning Language Advantage.

Imagine Math PK-2 offers engaging, effective math instruction designed to help early-learners learn and love math.

Imagine Math 3+ builds conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills with the support of a live teacher!

Help your students experience the Imagine Learning Language Advantage using the best practices below.

Live, Certified, Bilingual Teachers

In Imagine Math, the bilingual live teacher support and live chat support within our programs are currently offered in English and Spanish. Throughout student lessons, the directions and problems are written in English, but students can have the problems and answers read to them in English and Spanish. Additionally, all vocabulary words are hyperlinked to the glossary, which has audio support in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian-Creole, Tagalog, and Arabic. Here are videos that demonstrate what a lesson looks like for a student with language support, how to change student language settings, and live teacher support:

Imagine Math Live Teacher Hours (All local time)

7:30 am – 9:30 pm

7:30 am – 6:30 pm

9:00 am – 1:00 pm

5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Best Practices for Student Success

Ensure That all Students Have Accounts

In order for students to be successful with Imagine Math, all students need access to the program. Follow the steps in the document below to add student users to a class.

Note: Administrators should monitor class lists and deactivate students who are not or no longer active at their site. This helps Imagine Math report program use and student success accurately.

To deactivate a student:

  1. Navigate to Current Students
  2. select the box to the left of the student's name
  3. click deactivate at the top

Use Start Cards for Program Access

Make the most of your Imagine Math time by using student login cards or Start Cards.Start Cards contain the most accurate login information for students.

Print and provide the Start Cards for all students. Each card contains the URL, Student Username, Password, and Site Code. Each is required for student login.

Each card also contains a QR code that can be scanned using the device's built-in computer for instant program access, no typing necessary!

The Overview Report: Monitor Usage and Program Success

The Overview Report provides information about student performance in Imagine Math and usage of the application. The Overview Report is customizable- you choose the most relevant data to monitor for your group. Imagine Math usage, Lessons Passed, and Live Teacher utilization are a few of the options for the Overview Report.

Teachers and school administrators can subscribe to receive weekly emailed reports.

Click to Download an Imagine Math Quick Guide and our 10 Steps for Getting Started poster

Introducing Elgis, your new Imagine Math Customer Success Manager

I am excited to introduce your Customer Success Manger, Elgis Pedrera!

Elgis has been a member of the Imagine Learning team for 5 years. She is a wealth a knowledge on best practices and project management. As you implement Imagine Math, Elgis will partner with you to support the success of your students.

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