The evil librian

By Audrey carbaugh

Main character

Cynthia is the puzzle solver she is the one who is determined to find out why everything in her school is going wrong.

Annie is the puppet she met Mr.Gabirel and fell under his spell until her best friend would sole the mystery and get to the bottom of it.

Mr.Gabirel is the new librarian who everyone is coming to a liking to until he messed with the wrong person when he took Annie and got Cynthia interested he never knew it would ruin his plan and so becomes a devil.


The theme of the story I believe is don't trust everyone because Annie trusted the new librarian as just that and she became controlled by him. Her friend Cynthia would soon get to the bottom of it and figure out who he really is and help her friend. Just because Annie trusted him she got consoled but because Cynthia made the right decision not to trust him she figured out who he really was.

Key events you should know

One was that Annie really like the new librarian

Two Cynthia knew he was up to something

Three Cynthia knew she had to save her friend before everything went to far

Four everyone found out who Mr.Gabriel really is

Five Cynthia solved and end the plans