Mrs. Thomas' News



This Month we will complete Unit 5- Geometry ( 2 and 3-D shapes)

We will.....

  • create, identify, describe, compare & represent 2 and 3-D shapes!
  • continue to count by 1's and 10's to 100! ( If your child has mastered this skill, begin skip counting by 5's to 100!

Reading/ Language Arts-Homework!

It's that time again, the March homework calendar and reading log are due! If you have not returned it in your child's red folder, please turn in both by Friday, April 8th! The April homework calendar came home yesterday! At the end of the month, return the completed calendar. Also, students will be bringing home new sight words for the month of April. Please cut the words apart and attach to the ring. This is a good way to practice sight words, as new words come home each month you will add them to the ring! We have been assessing students in class on their knowledge of sight words to date, please remember to review old sight words throughout the week as well as the current month's words!

Parents... all that reading at home is paying off!!! I have been very excited to hear your children reading in class, they are very proud of themselves. Keep reading at home and encouraging your children to read independently.The April reading log came home yesterday! Once your child has read a book, you can record it on the reading log. At the end of the month please return your reading log with your monthly homework chart.

This month our essential question or theme for Unit 8: Where can you go that is near and far?

CCSS we will continue to develop this month....

1. identify characters, settings, and major events in the texts. (RL.3)

2. retell stories using key details. (RL.2)

3. describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in texts. (RI.3)

4. describe the relationship between illustrations and the text in which they appear. (RI.7)

5. participate in collaborative conversations and confirm their understanding by asking and answering questions.

*Please reinforce these skills as you read nightly for 10 minutes!

Patriots and Defenders Program!

Please remember to practice the study guide for our school-wide patriots and defenders program. When students can recite each item on the study guide they will become "yankee doodles", their name will be announced on the announcements and they will sign our patriots and defenders wall by the office. Volunteers or I will be assessing them on each item! Some students have already been assessed and are on their way to becoming "Yankee Doodles"!!!

Dates to Remember


7th- Picture Day! Students will have an individual and class picture taken on this day, our picture time is 10:45, before lunch & recess :) Please do not send in your picture envelope until picture day, if you have already sent it in I am happy to hold it for you!

8th- end of 3rd quarter, 3 hour early dismissal. Students will be released at 12:25

19th- Book Fair Preview Day- students will only look at the books this day and write down books they are interested in ( no buying this day)

22nd- Book Fair Buying day- please send money/check in a sealed envelope or baggie with child's name printed on the outside.

26th- Primary Election Day (School Closed)

Adventures with Pete the Cat!

This month the following friends will be bringing home Pete the Cat to write about their adventures with him over the weekend!

Friday, April 8th- Mary Campbell

Friday, April 15th- Maggie Barger

Friday, April 22nd- Claire Badertscher

Friday, April 29- Ruting Mei

Technology Update!

Students continue to develop and expand their use of technology in the classroom! During the month of March students have been learning to use a program called WIXIE! This program uses clip art, writing, and drawing to share ideas. If you would like to check out your child's Wixie projects follow the steps below:

  1. BCPS One- same login students use at school
  2. Reading/Language Arts
  3. Wixie
  4. My Projects