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Number of protons:23

Number of electrons:23

Number of neutrons:18

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1. Vanadium is resistant to attack alkalies, saltwater, and acid

2.Vanadium has very good structural strength

3. Vanadium is soft and ductile

4. vanadium can change color depending on its oxidation state

Important uses

1. It is commonly used in steel alloys

2. Titanium aluminum vanadium alloy is used in jet engines

3. In an alloy it provides strength, toughness and heat resistance


Vanadium was discovered in 1801 by spanish scientist Andres Manuel Del Rio. he named it panchromo, meaning "all the colors" because of its colorful oxidation states. It was later discovered again in 1830 by Nils Gabriel Sefstrom, who named it vanadium.

super hero abilities

1. He is immune to acid

2. He can alloy himself to steel to become stronger

3. He can combine himself with gallium and super conductors to levitate over magnets

4. He can stretch himself into a long wire

5. he can alloy himself to aluminum and titanium to become heat resistant

6. He can alloy himself to iron to become tougher

7. He can change color

8. He can clad himself with titanium to become even tougher