Haters and Trolls how many?

by David Sotelo

Haters and Trolls how many are there are there accidents or legit?

I do agree that trolls are a big problem I don't think the numbers are accrute, and how they could be overlooked in example 2 I explain and in example 3 I give a true example on accidental troll #1 is just a random scenario any other questions contact me

When you think of hater or a troll you think of someone jealous or someone who just wants to see blood be spilled. At the same time that's not the right term for what goes on there is a few who has legitament arguments and proof for a relevant debate. I'm not saying there's abusers out there. I have 3 examples

#1 A kid 9 years old and started a youtube channel (which is a violation of the community guidelines) (and exposes him through the internet and could affect his future)

and has his parents full support. There's people commenting prophanity and death threats.

There is also people that gave actual facts and reasons why he should stop, then again there's people that just look at the wrong and never look at the right "some" I use that word strongly because once again not everyone will willingly actually want to prove their point in a mature manner or just want a free pass on insulting without consequence.

#2 People do abuse the first amendment and when they do they affect the persons family, and friends with knowing theirs nothing they can't do to get back. I would show some examples and some quotes, but with the way things they say would make this my ticket to OCI. They're is things that people can do to stop this by security censoring, and report/spam. Then again theres "political" people that say "its the first amendment and America if you don't like it move to Russia" This is a true fact but the reason they choose to do this is because no one can stop them, and no one can hurt them.

Others might feel insecure or actually are jealous, and most of this might not make sense

but everything depends on the scenario. In this case the scenario that people that do troll in a reddit thread, facebook page, and comment section. Are to blame which people mainly see. Sayig that the moderators and or owner over look the releveant response's and count it as a hate message.

Thosehose or my opinion, my facts, and my proof of that not everyone abuses the first amendment

Leafy vs tommy incident