If you live,love then you are happy

Alex 4-5

Analyses of the Development of theme

Freak was a great example of this theme because he was all ways happy and full of love. Even though he new that at a very young age he was going to die soon. But he never sat down and wait for it to happen. No he wanted live the best life he can have. every day was an adventure for Freak. He lived he was full of love and he was happy. Also he was not the only person that was happy he also made everyone else around him feel happy. I think that everyone should be like Freak. The theme was also shown in this book by freak all ways wanting to help people. He lived life to the fullest every day that he had. He loved and was happy, he also cared for people and he was happy. You can to.

Reflections and Application of theme

I agree with this theme. The reason why is because,It showed the theme throughout the book by reminding us that we need to do what the theme says. If you live,love then you are happy. How the author tells us this theme is through Freak and max. Freak is shows this by being adventures and all ways happy and loved people and lived to the fullest. You can see it in max because it reflects of him when Freak is nice. So if you think about it does go along with the theme. Also how it plays a big role in my life is it reminder to me to be the best person I can be. Also, I think it plays a big role in your life as it does in my life. I think that we should all be like Freak is what I think.

Visual representaion


Freak the mighty

The book Freak the Mighty is about two young boys, with very different out looks on them self's and life. For example Freak is very social out going and brave also very smart. Also freak is confident in him self. Max has all of that but the only problem is that Max dose not believe in him self. He thinks that he is a dump kid but he is not. Freak is here to tell max that he is not dumb. Also it turns out that max is a really smart kid. That just does not show his true self. Freak the Mighty is a really sad,exiting story about to young boys. You will love this book. I now that you will.