We Are Back!

Our First Few Weeks at Maple Place

Dear Parents,

As you already know, we have been very busy here at Maple Place. Students are adjusting quite well to our new block scheduling. At this point, we feel that students have begun to get into a routine and are happy to be back with their friends.

What's Happening!

8th Grade

Math: Mrs. Scardilli has began to review what student have retained about Rational Numbers. In particular, rational numbers in decimal form. Students currently have begun to discuss irrational numbers and how they relate to applications in the real world (i.e. Pi)

Science: Currently, Science lessons include introduction to science, the Metric System, and Claims/ Evidence/Response (CER).

ELA: In our first unit, students are working on writing personal memoirs. Our 8th grade writers have tried several different strategies to generate ideas. We also started new grammar infused lessons using a “Sentence of the Week.” Students are also completing a series of benchmark assessments including iReady and MyAccess.

Social Studies: In Social Studies students are working on completing a 9/11 oral history project. Students are conducting research on 9/11 and interviewing 2-3 older family members (or teachers) about that day.

7th Grade

Math: Students have transitioned from "elementary" math into Pre-Algebra. To start things off, they reviewed what they learned last year about rational numbers (converting decimals and fractions). Currently, we are looking at how integers (positive/negative numbers) can be represented in everyday life.

Science: Ms. Smith has introduced students to the different parts of a microscope. This will be a crucial tool for students to become familiar with since they will be learning about Biology as the year unfolds.

ELA: The students have begun to work on their personal narratives. Teachers have demonstrated how to brainstorm and use the correct writing process before coming up with a final draft. A great tool that can be incorporated in many subjects.

Social Studies: They are working on a 9/11 research project in Social Studies that allows them to conduct interviews about first person accounts of the day.

6th Grade

Math: Currently, students are reviewing what they learned in 5th grade about fractions/decimals. Teachers have been providing "real life" applications in class to stress the importance of this skill. One example is where students were given a grocery list, had to determine the better buy and look at what each item would cost.

Science: Mrs. Hahn has started off the year by discussing the importance of lab safety. There have been some great ideas as to what can take place if rules and procedures are not followed.

ELA: In Mrs. Reginio's class, she has begin to introduce students to the Reader's/Writer's Workshop model. Since students were not able to navigate the library last year, Mrs. Reginio was nice enough to give them a thorough tour.

Social Studies: The Ancient Civlization unit has been presented to students by Mr. Harrison. Students seem to genuinely excited to learn about this topic and others as discussed by Mr. Harrison.

Big picture

5th Grade

Math: In math, students started the year off by working on how to share information about themselves through math expressions. They successfully completed their "Figure Me Out" projects and showcased their creative math skills

Science: Since the year has begun, the science teachers have discussed the importance of lab safety before jumping into any actual labs. Regardless of live instruction vs. virtual, students must be able to follow the proper policies and procedures of labs.

ELA: Students are starting to practice independent reading strategies to increase their stamina!

Social Studies: In SS, students analyzed what history means and why it is important to study the past.

What a Book Fair - Best Ever!

All of the students had an opportunity to attend the Book Fair this week and they were so excited to do so. Thank you to our PTO for arranging this event for our students. You put a lot of smiles on our students' faces!

Nice Job Chargers!

  • Jack DaSilva (5th Grader) was announced as the "Upstander of the Month" for September by the NY Jets for the Stomp Out Bullying Program
  • Congratulations to September's Champion Chargers: Tyler Vincelli, Aubrey Giunta, Nyla Yanes, Skye Huang

School Photos

Photos will be taken October 15th. Please make sure students return with their photo packages and money. Be sure to wear a SMILE!!!

Let's Go Chargers!!!

Visit our website for all the information regarding athletics and sports schedules. You can use this link for all the information: https://sites.google.com/oceanportschools.org/athletics-2021-2022/home?authuser=0

Important Information

  • For the safety of all our children, we have changed the end of the day pick up procedure. All students must be picked up in the loop in front of the school. We are asking that parents not park across the street with the intent of picking up your child there. This will stop the students from crossing the street during the dismissal.
  • We have been reminding the students to make sure they remember to bring everything they need to school; however, if you need to drop off any items for your child, please do so at door #1 (Main Office).
  • We have been working hard to create an environment that has our students at least 3 feet apart for both their safety and to avoid a quarantine. Lunches are the hardest time of the day to do this. With that said, we will be having 5th graders eating lunch in their classrooms and then proceeding to recess outside. On days with inclement weather, they will go to an alternate area.
  • On our District website there is a link to two very important documents: Oceanport's Safe Return Plan and Oceanport Schools - The Road Forward. Both these documents contain important information regarding most aspects of Covid-19 and procedures that are used in the Oceanport School District.

Upcoming Events

  • October 4 - 8 - Week of Respect
  • October 11 - School Closed for Students for Columbus Day
  • October 13-15 - Start Strong Assessments
  • October 15 - School Pictures
  • October 16 - PTO Fall Festival
  • October 17 - Rain date for Fall Festival