By: Doug and Dan

The Big Problem

Deforestation is a big problem. It causes problems such as soil being destroyed, many animals dying each day, and global warming starting to increase. These examples are just a the few problems Deforestation is causing. We know that this is a problem because when we look at the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the air we see that it is the cause of many of these problems. If we continue to chop these trees down it will become extremely hard to breathe. We need to breathe in order to live and if we can't, well you get the picture. Also did you know over 900,000,000 trees are being chopped each year! I think you can say that is to many trees being chopped down.

What Causes Deforestation

People cut down trees for many reasons. Most of the time it is to get the wood needed to build items we need. Look around you how many things do you see that are made of wood? Almost everything that we use involves wood. From tables to paper we need this wood to function. So what't the cost of cutting all of these trees down?

Here are the Three Biggest Problems of Deforestation

The Impact on Society

Deforestation has a huge impact on society. You may think that Deforestation only occurs in places with huge forests like the Amazon. Well actually according to the Deforestation is the clearing of trees. So this process can happen anywhere there are trees. Just think, on a hot summer day when you need shade to cool off and then you realize that there are no trees. They were chopped down for lumber. One tree does not make a huge difference but over time all the trees chopped down start to add up. Just remember that even though you can't control everything you can make a difference.
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This is the result of people just chopping and chopping. You will eventually destroy what we still have left. Imagine every tree looks exactly like those stumps. Not only it will effect our breathing but it looks really ugly. Forests cover only 31% of our land in the whole world. Why do people want to destroy that little 31% of our earth?
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With your help we can restore the Earth back to what it should be. A planet where people all around can go and see the natural wonders of the forest and breathe calmly. Sadly there are no laws that tell us the amount of trees we can cut down. So people can cut as many trees as they can and won't be punished. We believe that there should be a law, but, we are just kids, so there is nothing we can do.
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What can we do to stop this?

How about cut less trees down, very simple. I mean, it's the 21st century and the internet is a big thing. We believe that everyone should use their computers more and cut down on the amount of paper we are using. Also if you cut down a tree how about grow it another one! Very easy! That is something young people like us can even do. Most people have a backyard with space to grow a lot of trees. Many people are cutting down a lot of trees and if you walk in what's left of a forest you will see about 1/16 of the tree left lying there. If you are going to chop down a tree please just use the entire tree.

Why We Chose Our Solution

Deforestation is a huge problem. Most of the worlds oxygen is produced by the world's forests. Do you want to not to be able to breathe? I, for one, really likes to breathe calmly. So we had to find something to stop this

What Forests Look Like After People Cut Down Trees

What people are doing while cutting down trees