Community Support Group

Weight Loss Education and Support Group

Join with others who are learning to take control of their health

* Identifying and Overcoming Over Eating *

Is my current weight and lifestyle healthy for me?

What is my healthy B.M.I. ?

What is compulsive eating?

Can I learn to stop my compulsive eating?

What does it mean if I sabotage my weight-loss goal?

Do I have a positive support network now?

What are the external influences that trigger me to over eat?

What does it mean to set healthy eating goals and follow my health plan?

Does sleep impact my weight loss and weight gain?

How do I set exercise goals daily?

Does my mindset make a difference in my weight loss and weight gain?

Every Saturday at Psychological Services of Virginia at: 10 AM - 11:15 AM

Group Leaders are Licensed Professional Counselors

Healthy Habits and Positive Mindsets

Who will be in the group? Do I have to talk in group? How long does the group last? How much does the group cost? Do I have to weigh-in in front of others in the group? What if I don't lose any weight while I'm participating in the group?

Selected Insurance will be accepted

Call today to verify your insurance plan or to establish a Cash Pay plan.

Contact, Psychological Services of Virginia at: 757-309-4688 and ask to get started with the Weight Loss Group!

You're worth the time and effort to learn to gain control of YOUR health. It's about you. It's about your health! Call today!


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