Ancient Greece

By:Ryan Bonito


Farming was very difficult in ancient Greece. This was because of the land. The land limited to what kind of crops that the could grow. They grew mostly olives, grapes, wheat, and barley. They were known for and still are know for there olives. There olives are preferred and suggested by some people. But sometimes in countries like Mexico or in like the USA we prefer something like Spanish olives or other olives. Another thing that they used to there advantage in ancient times was there grapes. They used grapes to eat and to make win. This was a home run for the Greeks.
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The land limited the Greeks in many ways. One main reason is trading. Since there land was so physical and filled with mountains and rough land It was next to impossible to navigate. This limited trading in general. One other reason why the land was tough to live on was food. The land was not fertile. This is because of all the mountains. The land in Greece was very hard to live on/near because of all of these reasons.


Trading was something that was difficult but still be done. Since the land was almost impossible to navigate you would have to take the risk or just sail. Sailing was something that the Greeks mastered. They were pro's at sailing because the land was rough. Whenever they had to take a long journey they would sail. If you did some research on the Greeks I bet you that them being experts at sailing.

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