Mrs. Forbes' First Grade Class

December News In Our Classroom

Reading News

We are finishing up Unit one in our Reading Street Anthology next week. Our classroom is working on many reading comprehension strategies; Looking for the Main idea of a story and the Details that support the main idea. We have also been focusing on the plot, characters, and setting of fictional and nonfictional stories in our anthologies. Next week we delve into the cause and effect strategy. We will begin Unit two of Reading Street; What is a Community? after the holiday break.


We have been working on the sound of ck. Usually seen at the end of a word as in pick or dock; I call it vowel ck. This week we are working on consonant blends at the beginning of a word like trap or at the end of a word as in nest. Continue to practice reading the small 4 page decodable readers when they come home each week, as they review all the phonics skills of the week that we have been working on.


We just finished up addition and subtraction number stories and we started working on "Double Facts" 1+1=2, 2+2=4 etc. Soon we will learn our "doubles plus one" facts; if you know 3+3=6 then you should know that 3+4=7 ( only one more). Finally, we will work on "doubles plus 2" facts! 3+5=8. Students in first grade are expected to know their addition and subtraction facts to 20. Try to practice at home. The Dollar Tree has addition and subtraction flashcards for $1. We will also explore 2-dimensional shapes.

Social Studies

We studied the First Thanksgiving in November. Ask your child about a Thanksgiving myth; not sure if there was even turkey at the first feast! We will be learning about holidays celebrated in December and into January.


Students loved presenting their Animal Projects! What a great job they did reading their research. Thank you for assisting you child with this project. We we will be learning about animal hibernation, migration and adaptation next.

Holiday Bazaar!

The Liberty School Holiday Bazaar will be on Wednesday December 9th. Our classroom shops at 10:00 sharp and we end at 10:25. I always welcome parents and family members to come and experience this shopping event with their child.