No Place for Hate

Positive School Community

CRES Student Work: Accepted from all Grades

In grades 1-5, students brainstormed characters to represent our school. Since our school mascot is a cat and our school superhero is Captain CRES, the students decided to create a cat superhero. The art teacher taught lessons on drawing superheros using shapes, and the children created their own CRES cat.

Student Work Combined

After many submissions from the students of CRES, the committee decided to take the best features from the most popular drawings and combine them to create a finished character. Transparancies were used to trace students' drawings so that parts of their original works would be combined to create a finished CRES Cat Superhero. Students then brainstormed admirable character traits that are exhibited by postive role models.

Final Product: Positive School Community Banners

The final drafts were submitted to the graphic designers to digitize, adding color and fonts to the banners. The banners will be hung in the halls of CRES to remind students of school wide, positive behavior expectations and No Place for Hate initiatives. When the banners are unveiled in the fall, students will be excited and proud to have created these full-sized works of art to foster a healthy, positive school culture.