The FRIDAY Review

October 25, 2019

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How's Your Discipline?

At this time, we have 173 referrals in Educators Handbook. 99 of those referrals, occurred in the classroom. 83 referrals were coded as occurring during transitions. 78% of the students with office referrals were males. 82% of the students referred were African American. 6 teachers' referrals make up 26% of the write ups in Educators Handbook.

I report all of this to say...what are we doing to prevent referrals? How are we teaching away our behaviors? How does your team structure transition times to prevent behaviors? Are students closely supervised? How are you monitoring bathroom time and usage? Are class changes done on time without loss of instruction? Does your team disturb the learning of others due to noisy transitions?

Below are questions to utilize on your team. Team Leaders, use these questions to guide your team in making adjustments.

1) What is our procedure for monitoring bathrooms, lockers and class changes?

2) Are there students on our team that would perform better academically / behaviorally, if we placed them in another class on our team?

3) How many write ups does our team have collectively? How can we reduce the number of write ups to ensure students are getting instruction?

4) What incentives / plans are in place to encourage good behavior?

5) Does our team present a united front? Are we working together for the good of our students?

Please find below a few strategies that you can use on your team to lessen write ups and to encourage good behavior. Best of luck for a great week, nine weeks and year!

-Double ticket day for behaviors that go above and beyond expected behavior. Students will receive two tickets instead of one.

-Dress Up Day - Look at your data in Educators Handbook and determine the day for your team when the most write ups occur. Have students dress for success on this day. It is proven that students are better behaved on dress up days.

-Free Cafeteria Seating - Set a goal for the week for the number of team write ups. If the team meets the goal, free seating in the cafeteria on Friday.

-Tech Time - The homeroom class on the team that has the best behavior, will receive 10 minutes of tech time at the end of the week.

-Teacher Switch - Have you thought about having a fun day of teacher switch? Instead of students moving, teachers move to change up the routine.

-Highest Score - Each homeroom class is challenged to earn the highest rating possible (Scale 1 - 5) as they move throughout the day. The homeroom class with the highest score at the end of the day gets a treat.

-Brain Breaks - Think about our professional development days. We get antsy after sitting. What brain breaks are you giving your students to keep them engaged? There are tons of fun brain breaks here...

From Mrs. Lewis...

    • Bathrooms / Leaving Classrooms - Be sure that you are monitoring bathrooms and when/who go to the bathroom. We have had incidents of fighting and serious horse playing. Remember, we are responsible for our student's safety while in our care. If a student is injured, it will be our responsibility.
    • REPORT CARDS - Go Home November 6th. Please be reminded comments are required. How many of your students are failing? If you have an inordinate amount of failures, what are you doing that can be adjusted? (Please see dates sent by Mrs. Lynette.)
    • BAND PIZZA Party - November 1 at 12:15pm - Band Names are in this email.
    • PEP RALLY - October 30th - at 2:15pm We will follow the Assembly Schedule attached above.
    • Fall Trunk or Treat will be held on Thursday, October 31st. A schedule with instructions on which students qualify, will be sent out. We look forward to a lot of fun! Only staff members participating in Fall Trunk or Treat can park in the parking lot near the cafeteria on October 31st.
    • SPIRIT ROCK - Our Spirit Rock will be delivered on Friday, November 1st at 9am. Please do not park in the teacher parking lot next to the cafeteria. A crane will be used to deliver the rock and we do not want any damage to nearby cars. Teachers can bring students out as our rock is set into place. An announcement will be made.This is an exciting time!!!
    • PARKING - Please refrain from parking between the gym and cafeteria. Cafeteria vendors are having a hard time accessing the cafeteria entrance.
    • POSTPONED UNTIL Friday - November 1 -CHILI COOK OFF - Friday bring your favorite chili for our annual SHMS chili cookoff. A 1st and 2nd place winner will be awarded gift cards. See Debbie Mears for details
    • GRADES in POWERSCHOOL - We have 9 teachers that have not updated in the last two weeks. Please update your powerschool grades each week.
    • CHRISTMAS CHEER - The application for Christmas Cheer is attached. We have a lot of needy children. Please get these in by October 28th!
    • Bow / Bowtie Luncheon - Our Project Pink, Spartan Men and Queen Steppers have been invited to a luncheon by the district on either Nov 5 or 6th. They will be off campus for about 2 hours. They will return afterwards. A list of names will be forthcoming.
    • HOMECOMING - This year homecoming will take place during halftime of the Carver football game on Wednesday, November 6.
    • Support Services Monthly Smore -

    • Nine Week Planning - You deserve it. Save the date November 8 (Math / Sci) or 12th (ELA / SS). Go ahead and make detailed plans for the substitute. BE SURE TO make arrangements for students that do not do well with subs. Can they stay with a regular teacher on your team? (See the tentative schedule attached to the email)
    • WORLDS FINEST CHOCOLATE - Please encourage your students to sell chocolate as this is how we will fund student and staff events. The top 3 selling staff members will win a gift card. Students will stop by the conference room in the mornings to pick up more chocolate and to turn in chocolate money.
    • LESSON PLANS WHEN YOU ARE OUT- You are responsible for providing a schedule and detailed lesson plans when you are out. EMERGENCY LESSON PLANS are for true emergencies ONLY (car accident, sudden death in the family, etc.).
    • PROTOCOL WHEN YOU ARE OUT - Call Mrs. Lewis on the morning of your absence by 6am. Once you gain approval, schedule your sub in AESOP by 6:15am. Emails and texts are unacceptable forms of communication as they may not always be read by the start of school. The teacher is responsible for providing lesson plans.
    • EBOOKS - Ms. Harris has created a screencast with instructions for students to check out ebooks. Some students are not allowed to check out due to fines/overdue books. This is an awesome opportunity of which, many are not taking advantage. Please make your homeroom aware of this resource.
    • MONEY - All money is due by 2pm each day. This allows Ms. Audrey to count and deposit before leaving work each day.

    • STUDENTS WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! Our 2nd annual PBIS Trunk or Treat will be held on October 31st from between 12:30 - 2pm. Students will need to meet PBIS Stamp Requirement. This starts NOW. Help encourage!
    • NON-NEGOTIABLES - (teach on your feet unless you are conducting small group instruction, cell phones away while students are in your care, while on duty and/or during professional meetings, Praise in public - reprimand in private, SHMS is a no yell zone, students should be supervised at ALL times, the Friday Review and all emails will be read in a timely manner)

    From Mrs. Tippett

    • We are in the process of getting our makeups completed and will hopefully have the majority of them done Monday. Please remember, you may not review the test until all students in your grade level have been tested.
    • MORNING / AFTERNOON DUTY: The duty schedule will change on Tuesday, October 29. Please see the duty schedule here and report to your assigned location by 8:00 am / 3:25 pm each day. Thank you!!
    • LOCKDOWN DRILL: We will have a lockdown drill on Tuesday, October 29. Please review the LOCKDOWN PROCEDURES below.
    • Reminder: All safety procedures are located under the Safety tab in the SHMS Livebinder. (Password is SHMS19)
    • Please see Mrs. Tippett before Monday afternoon if you have any questions or concerns about the lockdown procedures.


    “Code Blue” will be announced over intercom.

    1. Lock all doors FIRST (look in hallway for students).

    2. Move students away from windows and doors and noise should remain to a minimum; make sure every student is accounted for; .

    3. Place red card under door if immediate assistance is needed.

    4. If the fire alarm goes off during a CODE BLUE please DO NOT leave your lockdown position unless you smell smoke or see flames.

    5. If you are outside when a lockdown is announced DO NOT return to the building. Move your students to the farther most point from the building and have them lay down on the ground.

    6. Class may resume only after law enforcement or administration has unlocked the classroom door or comes to your location outside. DO NOT resume class if an announcement is made, law enforcement or administration will go door to door to notify everyone the lockdown is over.

    Upcoming Dates

    October 2019

    • October 28- End of Grading Period
    • October 28 - Christmas Cheer applications due
    • October 29- Cross Country @ Rockingham
    • October 29- Morning/Afternoon duty change
    • October 30- Football @ West Hoke
    • October 30 - Pep Rally 2:15 (See attached schedule)
    • October 31- PBIS Goal Celebration / Trunk or Treat reward
    • October 31 - Smart Lunch postponed until Nov 7

    November 2019

    • November 1 - Band Party 12:15 (List will be emailed.)

    • November 1 - Rock Assembly 9:00am (Wait for announcement)

    • November 4 - Staff Meeting (Required)

    • November 5/6 - Bow / Bow Tie / Queen Steppers Luncheon - Release Students

    • November 6- Report Cards go home

    • November 6- Football vs. Carver @ SHS

    • November 7 -Cross Country @ Anson

    • November 7 - Smart Lunch will start

    • November 11- Veterans Day Holiday- No School

    Please click the Images below for more information!

    Friday Review information is due to Pam Lewis by Thursdays at 4:00pm at