Spotlight Review by Nicholas Chen

By: Christopher Paolini

497 pages

"One Boy... One Dragon... A World of Adventure"


Eragon is a poor farm boy. One day, Eragon found a blue stone in a forest called the Spine. He thought it could buy his family some meat for the winter. But overnight, a dragon came out of the stone. His life was shattered overnight. Eragon is left with a dragon named Saphira, an ancient sword, and the advice of an old storyteller. He has to learn the ways of magic and being a Dragon Rider. Eragon has no experience whatsoever, so he needs the guidance of this "old storyteller." Eragon and his loyal dragon, Saphira, must defeat a king whose evil knows no bounds. What will Eragon do? The fate of the Empire may rest in his very own hands.


Just like Eragon, we all might have interesting stuff happen in our life. Of course we won't be flying on dragons and carrying a big red sword, but interesting stuff do happen in our life. Like Eragon, we all have interesting stuff that happen in life. Most of Eragon's days was probably doing work and killing animals for food. but one day he found a dragon egg. If something interesting that you think you can change your life with is in front of you, you have a choice to take that chance. I think that Eragon took that chance, and got into a really interesting predicament.