• Atomic number is 9
  • Atomic mass is 19
  • Number of protons is 9
  • Number of neutrons is 10
  • Number of electrons is 9
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I am part of the Halogen group. With a boiling point of -188.11 C, and a melting point of -219.67 C. My normal phase is as a gas, and I am a nonmetal. I got my name from the latin word fluo. I was discovered by Andre-Marie Ampere. I was discovered in the year 1810.


I have two isotopes. The biggest is F-19, which is stable, and the smallest is F-18, which is unstable.
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Cool Facts

  • I work well with others and can combine to almost any element
  • I am used in toothpaste and Atomic bombs
  • I am in all living things, from mushrooms, to tiger blood (not the sno-cone flavor)
  • I am very deadly to humans, and mixed with most elements I will explode
  • I am found in Topaz
  • I cost $190 per 100 grams