Help mold the next generation of Pediatric Chiropractors

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New Program Announcement

Hello ACA Pediatrics Council Member,

We would like to announce the creation of a new member mentorship program that links together doctors in the field of pediatric chiropractic. In an effort to help encourage graduating chiropractic students looking to specialize in pediatric chiropractic, we would like to link current doctor members one-on-one with recently graduated doctor members. Our new mentorship program is geared towards benefiting both new graduates and their doctor counterpart.

At the ACA Pediatrics Council our mission statement goals are “to support our members who take care of children in their chiropractic practices, and to promote the acceptance and advancement of pediatric chiropractic care.” We hope to accomplish this mission by helping guide the next generation of doctors and help ease their transition into practice. This mentorship program would provide a platform for recently graduated doctors to continue their education about pediatric care from doctors in the field. Newly graduated doctors would have a mentor to help answer any questions they may have about marketing, specializing, continuing education, running a business, appropriate office equipment for pediatric patients, etc. These questions can be answered over email, phone or text- at the discretion of the mentor/mentee pairing. As a current practicing doctor participating in this program, you can benefit from linking with a recent graduate member by learning more about what is currently taught in schools, current research, new chiropractic tools/techniques etc. Your mentee doctor could also help with referrals by networking within your community or afar. This program is being created to spur new dialog between practitioners nationwide to help further the awareness about pediatric chiropractic.

To be eligible to participate you must be current with your ACA Pediatrics Council dues and be willing to commit to your mentor/mentee for at least a 1 year period. By participating in our mentorship program both new and seasoned doctors will receive a discount to our annual membership conference. If you are interested in participating in the ACA Pediatrics Council mentorship program, please contact our council secretary Jennifer Murphy at Thank you for your continued support of the ACA Pediatrics Council and our goals to advance the field of pediatric chiropractic through doctor collaboration.

Jennifer Brocker, DC, DICCP President, ACA Pediatrics Council

Emily Watters, DC Treasurer, ACA Pediatrics Council