Global Winds and Local winds

Global Winds

Winds are caused by the uneven heating on the earth's surface. Convection currents on a large scale cause Global Winds. The polar easterlies, prevailing westerlies, and trade winds are all examples of Global Winds.

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Local Winds

Local Winds are caused by temperature change. Examples of local winds are land and sea breeze. A land breeze blows from the land to the sea and occurs at night. A sea breeze blows from the sea to the land and occurs during the day.

Compare and Contrast Global and Local winds

Global and winds are different and alike. Global winds blow over a larger scale while local winds blow over a smaller scale. They are both caused by temperature change. But Global winds blow in one direction. Local winds can blow from any direction. Global winds move long distances. On the other hand, local winds move short distances.

Compare and contrast Land and Sea breezes

Land Breezes and Sea Breezes have a lot in common but they also have a lot of differences. land Breezes occur during the night while sea breezes occur during the day. During a land breeze, the warmer air over the ocean rises while the cooler air over the land rushes to take its place. When a sea breeze is occurring, the warmer air over the land rises while the cooler air over the ocean rushes to take its place.