Literacy @ All Levels

Four Teachers Collaborating to Solve Problems of Practice

Kristie Hofelich Ennis, NBCT

Kristie Hofelich Ennis, NBCT

· Courses Taught: 12th grade English (Honors & Comp), Dual-Credit English 101, Journalism

· School Info: Public High School in Louisville, KY formerly labeled Persistently Low Achieving (PLA) & now a Focus School.

· Student Population: 850 students, ~80% Title I

· Focus: College & Career Readiness

· Problem of Practice: Students are tested out and many are not reaching standardized testing benchmarks

Holly Pitts' Introduction

Holly Pitts, NBCT

· Courses Taught: 7th grade English and 8th grade College and Career Readiness Class

· School Info: Beechwood Independent Schools, 7th - 12th high school Blue Ribbon High School and Distinguished district

· Student Population: Over 600 students in grades 7-12 with 109 in the 7th grade

· Focus: Building stronger readers of fiction and nonfiction to improve stagnant reading scores. Allowing students to have a choice in what they read, will allow them to improve their speed, sustainability, and comprehension.

· Problem of Practice: A little over 70% of my incoming 7th graders were not on grade-level when they started the school year in August, 2014. They struggled with determining a passage’s main idea and inference skills.
Independent Reading Bio JHail

Jennifer Hail, NBCT

· Content Areas: 5th Grade ELA (Reading and Writing)

· School Info: Public elementary school with Proficient ranking; Distinguished district

· Student Population: 475 students in grades 4-6

· Focus: Building readers to strengthen all areas

· Problem of Practice: Students, particularly boys, do not read independently for enjoyment or in some cases, at all.

Kristin Duff 4th Grade

Kristin Duff, NBCT

· Content Areas: 4th grade self-contained

· School Info: Title 1, public elementary school in "Needs Improvement" status

· Student Population: 450 students in grades K-5

· Focus: Increasing fluency in order to increase comprehension

· Problem of Practice: With 85% of students not on grade level in reading, they were not able to read grade-level text fluently or accurately enough in order to make meaning of what they were reading.

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Classroom Teachers Enacting Positive Solutions