The Republic of Botswana

the Culture of the Republic of Botswana

the People

Batswana's population is over 1 million. The population is shrinking at a rate of 0.89% due to the high rate of HIV/AIDS. 40% of Africa's population is under the age of 15 years.Descendents of the original Tswana people, constitute of about halfof the total population.


In the Republic of Botswana, failing to greet someone is rude. "Dumela, Rra/Mma, O tsogile jang?" means greetings sir/madam how did you wake? A proper hand shake would be with right hands as we do and, supporting your elbow with your left hand. greeting acustoms vary, for example among the Kalanga the younger person always greets first.

Lifestyle of botswana

Botswana used to live in large villages with there farms and grazing fields kind of far off from the villages. Bogobe (porridge) made from sorghum, maize, or millet, ( in the northeast) is a staple food. soccer is a favored sport. Schools do choir, and traditional dances.


Botswana has a president. Diamonds are the main source of economy. Trains are used for transportation. Most illnesses are from poverty and malnutrition.