by Isabelle Kapoian

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Neverland is an island with intentional communities whose location is home to some of the clearest nights in the world, so at night the stars and constellations are easily seen, which is the origin of the island's name. It is also named Neverland because the people believe in living without abandon, as though every day is their last, as though they may die too young, before they grow old, and always be young. All flowers are abundant on the island, especially lavendar, which they are known for, and flowers are even shown greatly in the two large cities in windows and the sides of roads. Neverland's population per square mile is typically rather low in the rural setting, so a lot of the geography is very free and wild and green.

Declaration of Independence

We, the people of Neverland, shall heretofor be regarded as our own entity, governed and lived by the people of Neverland. We have pulled away and isolated ourselves from other societies because of the shackles of conformity and the singularity of future. We have pulled away from a society that boasts of freedom but places each individual into a set path with set rules and set objectives and set consequences. If this is freedom, we will take no part in it. We feel a need to form a more individualized society so that atypical thoughts and emotions and ideas are not looked down upon, and not laid in secrecy. Our society will educate, will nurture, will endure just as yours has, but in the opposite way. Our union upon this island will benefit not only the community we have created but the land we created it on and the souls of those who join us.

Power and Politics

The people of Neverland will be governed through democracy (not a democratic republic). All members above the age of 15 will be required to vote on issues, although they will have an option to chose 'yes' 'no' or 'other' if they don't have an opinion on the matter or do not feel that they are educated enough on a particular situation to formulate a true opinion. When an issue presents itself that does not fall with 2/3 of the voters with one opinion and 1/3 of the voters with another, or an even steeper adversity, then issues will be put to rest and reexamined at a later date. In between reexaminations the public is encouraged to learn as much as they can on the matter and formulate an even stronger opinion. Those who voted 'other' are expected to not vote 'other' unless they truly do not have an opinion on a matter.The political authority is based on voluntary cooperation in a horizontal, noncoercive structure. There is a constitution for the land that focuses on values of peace, protection, and individuality. The coordinators will be determined by those who have a passion for order, government, law, and lean heavily on what is just. They will take a situational test to determine whether or not they will be fair, and will have to apprentice under a previous coordinator and experience a specialized education in law.


People with a passion for money and economics will do the economic planning for Neverland. Land ownership will be based on a mixture of private property and common ownership. The people will know where their property ends and another begins but everyone recognizes that it is land and it doesn't technically belong to anyone but itself so land boundaries are not too important. However vandalizing or changing another person's property with malicious intent is not permitted. The standard of living in Neverland is middle class, because everyone does what they love and does what they love well but no one job is greater than another to make some of the people richer than others.
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The members of Neverland all have a niche in something they love to do. Because of its high priority in passion even without direction that is different from every other society, it is closed to others. Because it is far away from others in an area of the ocean where people rarely go, it is never located. The people of Neverland believe that these people's thoughts and emotions should not be squashed. The people of Neverland think that a person's individual thoughts and emotions and personality are sacred, but the most sacred thing one can do in Neverland is fall in love.


Young members of the society are encouraged to experience as much as they can within the world they live. The parents to the children are to look after their child but allow them some freedom to explore and to create their own perspectives on the world. Many children love to play tag or have tea parties in the lavendar fields. As the citizens get older they are gradually taught only what they will need for the rest of their lives, and in a real life setting. Five days a week the children meet at a predetermined spot on the island for that day's teaching. Subjects focus on all aspects of the arts and the world they live in and only teach practical mathematics and sciences. Any additional learning will be taught to them through apprenticeships they can acquire in their future field of work and through specialized lessons on any topic they want from those who have a passion for teaching and learning. After finishing basic education at 15 and specialized education or apprenticeships at 21, the people of the society are looked to apply their passions to the society and to themselves in their everyday life. What you do can be changed at any time and people are encouraged to get a specialized education in multiple things.
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For example, someone who has a passion for the lavendar fields which originated from when they were younger would learn about them and how to care for nature in general in their basic teachings, as well as the basics of every other topic, until they are 15. Then the student would apply for specialized teaching on their composition and an apprenticeship with a lavendar farmer, among others. At the age of 21 the citizen might work for the lavendar farmer or travel to another region and start their own lavendar farm, or may become a specialized teacher to teach others how to grow and care for lavendar.


  • In Neverland a typical day consists of learning/apprenticeship/work, and free time to spend with oneself, family, or others
  • The people of Neverland try to live everyday as though it is their last
  • Food consits of only fruits, vegetables, grains, and fish found on and around the island
  • The weather in Neverland is varied. There are typically clear skies except for the ordinary thunderstorms. It only snows three monthes out of the year
  • There is no set religion in Neverland but everyone respects the nature around them, eachother, the uniqueness in each of the people, and the understanding that the life they live is important and beautiful
  • Activities range from peaceful nights star gazing to aggressive paintball tournaments to account for every type of personality but also to help curb the aggression of some of the members
  • The people of Neverland live to be unusually old, and when one dies, even when they are young, funerals are not sad but happy
  • There is equality between men and women and all races
  • The health of the members is unusually strong and they rarely contract colds or disease
  • However, an occasional person on the island may suffer from migraines. Or, did, I guess, since the scent from the lavender fields which can be smelled all over the island and cures them



Weddings are one of the happiest and most sacred events in Neverland. They are typically very small and intimate in the church/beach/meadow where the people get married and then huge in the party afterward, with almost everyone the husband and the wife has ever known in attendance. Prior to a wedding the entire community bands together to build the couple's house, which is their wedding present. Flowers planted in the front yard symbolize the traits of the male and the female, all in the same garden to represent unity.

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There is a tree in the heart of Neverland where every married couple hangs a bottle with a candle in it. And at night, when everything is dark, sometimes the flames of the candles look like stars.

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Poet Laureate - E. E. Cummings

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