Fiddler on the Roof Update

November 11

Tentative December Calendar

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about costumes?

We are still working on that. Last year, we were able to rent costumes from SKIT and we are hoping to do the same this year.

That said, we hope that you will be prepared to have appropriate shoes. More on this in December.

Also, fathers have beards, and mothers and daughters will need head coverings. Again, more on this later.

Do I have rehearsal?

A friendly reminder that we have two documents to help you interpret the calendar:

Cast Call By Scene and Cast Call By Song.

If it says "Lines Only", look to see if you have lines in that scene.

Note: Men's Ensemble is now in To Life!

Where is the DropBox so I can listen to the music?

Really? (Said lovingly...) You should be listening to it daily.

That said, the link is here.

When do I need to have my lines memorized?

Our goal is the first rehearsal after Thanksgiving.

Tevye and Golde may need a little longer because of how talkative they are.

What songs should I have memorized by now?

If you sing any of these songs, you should have the words memorized by now:

Sunrise Sunset, Tradition, Sabbath Prayer, If I Were a Rich Man, Do I Love You, Far from the Home I Love, Matchmaker, Anatevka

If you sing "To Life!", you should have the words memorized by November 19th.

The Dream should be memorized by January.

To Life!

To Life! The music has been added (rough though it may be) to Drop Box.

See below for a college version of the song and dance, and some rough footwork we are trying out!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Male Ensemble-- you are now ALL in To Life!

To Life
Hora Russian Dance Demo