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Why student should read.

Reading helps improve education.

This picture from DepositPhotos' website represents the idea that reading can help students get a better education and graduate. Reading teaches several valuable skills to students such as critical reading and critical thinking. New vocabulary is also acquired by reading challenging novels and documents because not only do kids see the words, they can see new words in context so they understand the word’s meaning within sentences. One of the best ways to increase understanding of English writing is to read. Reading is an important habit to instill in kids; so schools should be doing their utmost to encourage students to read. the picture shows that a high-grade level in reading can help students get farther in life; scholarships, better careers, and a higher sense of self-contentment can all be more attainable if a student has a great understanding of reading skills.

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Reading is fun.

This video from YouTube shows how reading can be fun for people of all ages. It is an example of how reading inspires creativity and boosts imagination. Reading can be made fun; students just need the right motivation. When students are shown that reading is enjoyable, they will begin to understand the meaning of literature and in turn achieve better in tests. This video also shows how books have many themes such as nonfiction, drama, or fantasy which can help to educate and entertain those who read them. Reading is an enjoyable alternative to TV, Video Games, and the internet. Reading not only helps students learn and achieve more; it is a source of fun for everyone .