Jimmy Valvano and Perseverance

His story


Perseverance is when you work hard to reach a goal and overcome obstacles. There are many people who have persevered many times in their life. Some became successful over time. Others only had triumph for a while. But there is one person who has been diagnosed with cancer, but still went to inspire others despite his illness and condition. This person's name is Jimmy Valvano. This newsletter will inform you of his journey and how he persevered and you will learn what it means to persevere.


Jimmy Valvano has gone to a speech ceremony to accept an award. During his speech, he talked all about how he had persevered through his condition. He never backed down from what would have made other people yield. But Jimmy Valvano was not like those other people. He went all out on what he believed in. He stood there talking and never worried about the future. He wanted other people to think on how not to worry about illness or disease that can't be cured or have no known cure. He wanted people to not focus on the negative and down fall of the disease or illness. He wanted people to go out and wonder,"What can I do today that can help the world become a better place. What can I do to help other people's live's be easier for them to live by." He wanted people to be positive about whats going to happen and think brightly about the future. Remember to do three things in one day everyday. 1) Laugh. 2) Be in thought. And 3) cry of happiness/joy. And as Jimmy Valvano said."Never give up...Don't ever give up." That's how he persevered.