A Trip Across Texas

Three Texas historical places

Lady Bird Lake

Lady bird lake is located in Austin,Texas and runs on the Colorado river. The lake is 5 miles long. It was founded in 1960.At the lake their is a bike trail,you can canoe, or fish. They names it after the first lady,Lady Bird Johnson, Lady Bird was always helping the environment so she got a lake naned after her and a wildflower center.

The Frio River

The Frio River is located in a town called Concan which is a Mexican card game. The river is located in Frio County as well. Frio is Spanish for cold, I don't think it's that cold after you get used to it. It is said that Santa Anna and his soldiers set up camp in Frio County on their way to San Antonio. Pachal, Payaya, and Coahuiltecan Indian tribes that first inhabited Frio County. Rene Robert Cavelier and Sieru de La Salle were the first Enlish people to get to the Frio County. You can now buy a nice cabin and stay at the Frio river, the people normally float around in the river but you can set up a camp and play.

San Jacinto Battleground

In 1836 Texas and Mexico were having their final battle for thee freedom of Texas. The Texan soldiers surprised the Mexican in battle. The Mexicans were in a daze so the battle only lasted 18 minutes. That is the history of the San Jacinto battleground. When you go the the battleground you can walk around the battlefield, go to the San Jacinto Monument,have a picnic,watch a reenactment of the battle, and shop.