Hitler's Life

Jason Lee Academic 3

We all know that Adolf Hitler is a cruel dictator but most people don't know about his life through his death.This piece is about his life as a child to his death even his time as a dictator.Hitler was born in Austria April 20 1889 as the 4th child out of 6,when he was 3 he moved to Germany.He has an interest in art but his father (Alois), but Alois died then Hitler's mother allowed him to drop off of school to become a watercolor painter but that failed.

World War 1 broke out so Hitler decided to join the German army he go accepted in 1914. He was shocked that Germany lost in 1918, Hitler found the Treaty of Versailles degrading, especially the fact that Germany had to give back the land that they took and had to strip down the armies and accept respectability of starting the war. Then the Great Depression struck in Germany, this gave Hitler an political opportunity to take power. Its because everyone was so desperate that they would listen to anyone and Hitler was that person, he said that he'll make this a better country so he became a dictator of Germany then he blame the Jews of the depression and started the Holocaust until the end of World War 2. After the war he committed suicide his wife in May 7 1945 the day the war ended.

To sum it up don't give one person too much power. Horrible events that happened because of Hitler's beliefs and power caused many lives to be ruined. Hitler used this power to extinguish the Jews for no reason. That's why getting to much power can mess with a person's head. There are dictators still today or even kings or queens that can do something bad just because their power to rule over others. Hopefully in the future dictators like Hitler will not exist.