Pueblo Tribe

By Aaron Johnson

Pueblo Tribe

The Pueblo Native Americans lived in houses called pueblos. Some also lived in cliff dwellings on the sides of cliffs. There house were built out of wood, adobe, stone, and dirt. The mainly lived in Arizona and New Mexico. Although some lived in Texas, Colorado.


The tools they used were bows and arrows, spears, wooden hoes, rakes, spindles, looms, and pump drills. They built all there tools out of wood, rock, and string. They used the bow and arrow and spear for hunting and fighting. Hoes and rakes were used for planting and harvesting. Looms and spindles were used to sew and make clothes. Pump drills were used to make holes in beads so they could make jewelry.


They planted corn, beans, and squash. They also hunted. They hunted deer, elk, bighorn sheep, and rabbits. They also collected wild plants such as pinyon which gave them nuts, yucca which gave them fruit and rice grass which gave them seeds.


One of their main tradition is the Sun and Rain Dance. The dance is just like the way it sounds. If they have too much sun or rain the would do the Sun and Rain Dance.

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Fun Facts

  • The Pueblo Native Americans loved to tell stories. Most of them were fairytales

  • The word Pueblo is Spanish means town or village.