By M. M.


  • Animalia (Wikkipedia)
  • fur is short (New England Aquarium)
  • layer of fine, woolly down and they are warm (New England Aquarium)
  • height-18 to 24 inches, weight-8 to 10 pounds, and length-100 to 110 cm (New England Auarium)
  • 3 kinds of penguin calls: contact calls, display calls, and threat calls (Animals)
  • could see very well under the water but not on the land (Wakkipedia)
  • sleep more deeply in the afternoon than in the morning (Wakkipedia)

Food Chain and Habitat

  • Eat krill, squids, fishes (Animals)
  • Leopard seals, sharks, orca eats penguin (Animals)
  • Skus, sea birds also like to steal the penguins` egg (Animals)
  • Carnivore that eats only sea-food (Animals)
  • Predator (Animals)
  • Finds food in icy sea of Antarctica (Wikkipedia)
  • Most spend about 3/4 of their time in the water (Penguin Habitat)
  • Reside within the southern hemisphere on the ice (Wikkipedia)


  • Penguins' eye site: see clearly both in air and under the water and its have color vision (Animals)
  • Penguins do not migrate or hibernate (Animals)

Reasons for Endangerement

  • People hunting them for oil (Penguins Endangered)
  • People destroying their natural enviroment (Penguins Endangered)
  • Other animals eating penguins to survive (Penguins Endangered)
  • Other animals stealing their eggs (Animals)
  • Global warming (Penguins Endangered)