HSA Mentee Weekly

VCU Health Sciences Academy


The closing reception, final presentations, and graduation ceremony will take place on May 4th from 6:00-8:00pm at Rodney's at Schafer Court, 810 Cathedral Place. It is recommended that you arrive early to allow time for parking.

The attire is professional dress. Please let us know if you have any questions or needs regarding what to wear for your presentation.

Reminder: Here's the Grading Rubric for Your Presentation

Content (25 points)

Clarity of information (5 pts)

Shows development from start to end of course (5 pts)

Knowledge of topic (5 pts)

Organization (5 pts)

Use of course material (5 pts)

Verbal (15 points)

Voice control (5 pts)

Use of interrupters (5 pts)

Enthusiasm / interest in the topic (5 pts)

Non-verbal (10 points)

Eye contact (5 pts)

Professionalism / appearance (5 pts)

TOTAL POINTS: 50 points is the maximum score.

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