Sssssso in love

By: Kayleigh Schmidt

Facts about Me!

Hello I am ssssamantha the sssssnake. Sssssome might call me cold blooded but I am just stating the truth. I have a long scaly body and I am a bunch of bright colors. My sssskkkkin is very dry and I have no legs. I also lay rubbery eggs. I am also going on a diet, which means no swallowing my dates whole.

What I am Interested in

My ideal soul mate would be an amphibian. I would love to meet an amphibian because they can live in land or in water! They have no scales, and there skin is ssssso cool. They have permeable skin :0. Their sssskin is like sssee through omg! I would really like Amphibians also because they can lay thousands of jelly-like eggs! If you are interested in meeting me contact me at:
Caution: dangers may include being eating alive or squeezed to death by this highly dangerous snake.