Principal's News

Term 3, week 7

St Augustine's big week .....

As we begin our week of celebration it is important for our students to know why we are are celebrating. St Augustine is not the easiest saint to talk about as he was such a scholar and before that, he was just a naughty boy with a mother who despaired that any good would ever come of him. Just keep telling his story and help to make the connections so that our kids come to know about the patron of their school.

Thanks to those who have been working behind the scenes to ensure that both days run smoothly. For those not directly involved, your job is to whip up the enthusiasm required to make it a memorable event. The little ones are easy, it's the big ones that are more of a challenge. Just keep reminding them that it is NOT a casual clothes day and that they are expected to add to the colonial atmosphere no matter how daggy they may feel.

Thursday is a change of pace as we welcome back Mike Askew from Monash Uni. Be prepared to get involved and to challenge you thinking about mathematics. A good day is a guarantee. Thanks to Jacqui for her work in getting this day organised.

September is submission writing time for our funded students. Please be considerate of the time that Denise needs to put into this and not expect her to step out of her role to cover you. Besides our current students we also have a number of new submissions that need to be prepared. It's time consuming and sometimes a tedious process.

Congratulations to Chris (head Nerd), Mark (super Nerd) and the Robo soccer team who cleaned up at the State finals on Friday. The Aussie finals are in Brisbane in September!!!! I think we might have to look for some sponsors to help get them there.

As always, be happy and enjoy your children.

3 great places to visit ....

What else ....

  • I know that 'art' is the big focus but please ensure that your area, inside and outside the classroom remains free of unnecessary clutter
  • Jason is looking for some small jobs to do. please let me/him know if you have any minor repairs that need attending too
  • No soup this week but lunch will be provided on Thursday
  • Maths day is a 10am start. You can zzzzzz a little longer!
  • The library is used for a variety of purposes, please leave it tidy and clean with the seats returned, before you leave
  • There are no back seats for staff prayer, please remember to join the semi circle. You can move after it is finished if you wish.

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us. St Augustine