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Healing Through Creativity Retreat

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Healing Through Creativity
April 21- 24

Come join with like-minded women in a safe and sacred space for a weekend of creative expression, spiritual growth, renewal and communion. Take part in a beautiful regimen of daily detox, creative workshops, soul-seeking & inspirational art and music. Express your soul longings and feel free to soar. Share your growth and be uplifted by the spirits of your sister seekers. You will come away renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Healing Through Creativity Retreat

Thursday, April 21st, 6pm to Sunday, April 24th, 12pm

Four Springs Resort -- 14598 Sheveland Road Middletown, CA

Each soul longs to express itself creatively. Creative expression is a powerful form of healing and one of the best ways to renew our spirits. Creativity comes through all spirit beings whether you call yourself creative or not. Unfortunately, our society with its focus on perfection and competition, makes us feel as if our individual expressions are lacking because they seem not to measure up to others who are more celebrated. Yet, deep inside we can hear the calling, the desire to create a physical reflection of our souls - whether that is through writing, imagery, dance or song. Our spirits know that every individual expression is beautiful and worthy.

Through the act of creation we partner with source to bring beauty and meaning to the world. We follow our creative sessions with Circle discussions -- these deepen our understanding of each other, our creations, our creator, ourselves and our world. This retreat will fill you up through emptying you out. Pour out your soul and express pure beauty from deep within. Join us for this magical weekend -- renew your spirit

Explore your creative genius

This weekend is dedicated to allowing your creative genius the space to flow. Workshops are designed for the free flow of inspiration. This is a space where inner and outer critics are silenced. We are expressing for the joy of the process and not for the approval of society. We are partnering with the divine to realize our longings. We are allowing the spirit within us to shine.
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Gentle Detox Menu | Healthy Green Smoothies | Synchro Gold® Turmeric Shots

Morning Yoga | 24 hr Infrared Sauna | Spring Water Pool

Guided Meditations | Group Sound Healings | Massages | Labyrinth Hike

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Founded in 1956, Four Springs has become a sacred space for personal healing and inner work, and has served as a home for retreats and seminars in religion, psychology and spirituality for over 50 years. Secluded at the end of Sheveland Road, it sits on 280 acres of woods in the foothills north of Mount Saint Helena, in southern Lake County surrounded by creeks, springs, open fields and mountains. Its beautiful property includes wooden cabins, art and meditation buildings, spring water pool, meadows, grape arbor, hidden sauna, paths and hiking trails all creating a sanctuary very removed from daily distractions.
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Four Springs offers a few accommodation options to pick from depending on your preferences. It is a first come, first serve basis so the sooner you reserve your spot the more likely you are to get the space you desire.


Larger cabins, includes one queen bed, private bathroom, desk, heater, and a small living room

Founders Cabin 1- Shared Cabin with Private Bathroom

Founders Cabin 2- Private Cabin with Private Bathroom


Smaller in size, includes 2 single beds, desk, heaters, with a shared bathroom or bathhouse

Hoodoo Cabin 1- Shared Cabin with Bathhouse

Hoodoo Cabin 2- Private Cabin with Bathhouse

Hoodoo Cabin 3- Shared Cabin with Shared Bathroom

Hoodoo Cabin 4- Private Cabin with Shared Bathroom

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∞ Flow ∞

| Thursday Night |

6 pm Retreaters Arrive

Opening Circle


| Friday |

7:30 am Synchro Shots

8:00 am Morning Yoga

9:00 am Green Smoothie Time!

9:30 am Morning Circle - Sing - Poetry Share

10:00 am SoulCollage® -

Express the various parts of your being through this intuitive, fun and empowering process. By using images found in magazines or personal photos, we will create our own unique and empowering deck of cards. Each card represents a different aspect of ourselves and our realities. Use the cards for daily guidance and to participate in self-discovery. Deepen your understanding of the relationships between yourself and your personality parts, your family, community, world, dreams, symbols, and Spirit; or simply as an avenue of self-expression.

12:30 pm Lunch -

1:30 pm Healing Hour - (schedule time with a healer - or just rest and enjoy)

2:30 pm Creativity Workshops -

Attend a full session or pop in and out of several as you feel inspired

  • Painting, Clay, Drawing, Writing -- Free-form art center
  • Inspired writing - In this workshop we will first still our minds and call forth our inner guides in a powerful guided meditation. Then we will write as inspired and prompted. The session will let us explore creative writing from our souls as never before. We will be writing the wisdom from within and feeling the joy of pure expression.
  • Finding your voice - The words we put out into the world affect both the way others see us and the way we perceive ourselves. Public speaking is one of our biggest fears, but when we can claim our authentic voice, it can be one of our greatest assets. In this workshop you will learn how speaking your truth, authentically, can change your life. Gain confidence speaking in front of others, and practice techniques to bring out the true you, so you can stand in, and express, more of your true light.
  • Exploring sound & music - In this session you will create inspired music in a small group. Play with various instruments, jam in beautiful harmonies and let your spirit sing - literally!
  • Mindful Poetry - Delve deep within to discover your soul's true voice. Poetry is a channel for self-expression like no other. The act of writing poetry is like a wondrous release of our inner most being. The session will guide us in allowing our poetry muse to escape and delight us.

4:30 pm Healing Hour -

6:00 pm Dinner -

7:00 pm Circle - Singing - Check-in

8:00 pm Group Sound Healing

9:00 pm Guided Meditation

| Saturday |

7:30 am Synchro Shots

8:00 am Morning Yoga

9:00 am Green Smoothie Time!

9:30 am Morning Circle - Sing - Poetry Share

10:00 am SoulCollage® -

12:30 pm Lunch -

1:30 pm Healing Hour - (schedule time with a healer - or just rest and enjoy)

2:30 pm Creativity Workshops -

Attend a full session or pop in and out of several as you feel inspired

  • Painting, Clay, Drawing, Writing -- Free-form art center
  • Inspired writing -
  • Finding your voice -
  • Exploring sound & music -
  • Mindful Poetry -

3:30 pm - Labyrinth Hike

4:30 pm Healing Hour -

6:00 pm Dinner -

7:00 pm Circle - Singing - Check-in

8:00 pm Council Fire Cleanse

9:00 pm Group Dance, Music Play, Group Sing

| Sunday |

8:00 am Synchro Shots

9:00 am Green Smoothie Time!

9:30 am Closing Circle - Art Share

10:30 Free Time

Noon - Check out

The Menu

The weekend's menu will consist of a fully vegan offering.

  • Morning herbal shots and veggie smoothies are our breakfast of Goddesses.
  • Lunch is a hearty mixed green salad.
  • Dinner is a rich and hearty vegetable soup.

You will be thoroughly satisfied. Heart, mind and body will be clear of toxins. This light detox diet will have you feeling so clean, clear and healthy.

Treating your body well is one of the best ways to truly honor yourself.


The cost of this year's retreat will remain the same as last year:

$565 - for a shared or single room with shared bath
$655 - for a private cabin

This year's event will likely sell-out. Reserve your spot now.

This link is for the registration only. This will reserve your spot. We will follow-up with you to confirm your room type and collect final payment.


This retreat was a pivotal turning point in my personal growth and healing. My sessions with the healer have made a huge difference in my health treatment.

---- Charlene Kehret -----

This retreat was the best thing I did for myself all year. It was so healing to take the time to bless each other, our bodies, our dreams, and even our soup. At the end of our weekend, my body was bubbling with new life, revitalized by the women at the sacred four springs.

---- Janice Avery ----


Becky Shafi

MA Marketing, BA from the Academy of Art. Trained facilitator in women's leadership, workshops, seminars & retreats. Award-winning speaker and mentor. Becky is passionate about creating collaborative projects for women in community. She has written and taught on many subjects including: women's self-empowerment, goddess worship, angels, and lessons from A Course in Miracles.

Beth Dyer

MA, Education and Leadership, Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator, trained mentor, coach, and teacher. She loves mentoring and coaching others in finding and enhancing their own creativity. Beth has been practicing and studying the SoulCollage® process over the course of 10 years and looks forward to sharing this empowering process of self-discovery with you.

Tashaki Ford

Tasha is an award-winning speaker and community service leader. For the past 8 years, she has been training and leading workshops that help people grow their confidence and leadership abilities through effective and creative communication. For many years Tasha gave tirelessly to countless worthy organizations until she came to the realization that she also needed to give to herself. This led her on a journey of enlightenment and a dedication to being healthy in mind, body and soul. Now she balances her charitable works with working to help others realize their full potential through communicating from the heart.

Clare Hedin

British born, Clare is an international singer/songwriter and sound healer of many years. She shares her gifts at sound healing conferences, international events, symposiums, is an artist in residence at Grace Cathedral. Classically trained in piano, she finds her inspiration through her love of nature and of life. Innately curious, she researches the nature of sound and energy and has an MA in Consciousness Studies, Creative Arts and Transformative Studies. A natural healer, she co-founded the sound healing institute, SF, and has taught on the nature of sound and healing for many years, taking original healing music into hospitals in UK and CA (including Oakland Children's Hospital for many years). She performs locally, has 7 CDs to date, has her ongoing individual and group practice and teaches in the Bay Area.

:: The Healers ::

Sadie Hannah

Sadie Hannah is an MAT™ certified specialist and owner of Awaken, a private wellness practice in Lafayette, Ca. She has a Master’s in Science from the University of California San Francisco and a background in holistic wellness. Her approach combines traditional and alternative healing techniques, with the goal of helping her clients achieve their highest expression of health, wellness, and success.

About MAT™
MAT™ is an exercise-based manual therapy that can improve athletic performance, facilitate rehab, and support health. It is a practice in physical body awareness.

Ghania Dawn Joia

An intuitive healer with an integrative approach to healing. She calls her work “Solelation”. Solelation is a body of work that has taken over 30 years to develop. The focus of the work is to unlock and release physical, energetic and emotional traumas as well as stuck patterns that create toxicity, pain, discomfort and stress in the body. Even after one session clients report that they feel relief from chronic pain, physically and emotionally lighter, deeply relaxed and happier. Which in turn, allows a person deeper access to their heart and soul and able to connect their everyday life with Heart Consciousness. Ghania’s work is a mix and integrates Foot Reflexology, Sound, Ortho-Bionomy, Inner Landscape, Cranial Sacral, Breath Work, Nutrition, and Counseling.

Kayko Tamaki

Kayko is a certified Hypnotherapist with a Bachelors of Science in Human Services. She was born and raised in Hawaii, and has traveled the world, gaining a diverse understanding of a wide range of cultures, traditions, and experiences. She is fluent in Japanese, and has a background as a certified Hospice volunteer. She is also a self-taught surreal painter. She has a passion for the way hypnotherapy helps us to connect relationships, how we experience the world, and personal growth, and believes strongly in hypnotherapy as a tool for advocating empowerment, self- awareness, self-love, and better overall health. It is her goal to see hypnotherapy become more accepted as a mainstream and valid form of healthcare, offering an alternative solution that attacks life’s problems at the root, transforming lives.​

:: Partners ::

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This retreat brought to you by:

Women's Power Circle Network
contact us at: PowerCircleRetreats@gmail.com