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local convention recap/training

HELLO everyone -

I am going to try to send this email out to everyone. I want to make sure you are hearing from me and I don't think you all go to OUR team FB page.

I want us to work together to make all of us stronger - I want to know the best way to reach out to you. Do you like this email, prefer text etc? Please reach out to me and let me know.

We will grow today, tomorrow TOGETHER!

Convention overview - awesome and amazing experience. I will be sharing some on my FB page so stay tuned. We survived heat at 112 degrees, a sand storm twice, heard great speakers, cried, hugged, heard Bella's new song and really felt like we are apart of the O2 family!

2 words: SWAROVSKI crystals - they have worked together to create a special exclusive hexagon shaped crystal, bigger then the current birthstones. A new Swarovski twist top, they go on the current bottoms. They sparkle like crazy.

New vintage lockets, a bridal line, leather wrap bracelets, military charms, your rank charms, holiday charms, some state charms and lanyard lockets. New packaging, new earrings and this new hexagon shaped everything! Also look at the new mobile jewelry bar- picture below.


They are now offering group health insurance - no other direct sales company does this- watch this tomorrow:


They are also going to be offering college credits- stay tuned for more info. Including new back office and new training site.

Origami Owl next incentive trip is to Maui - Feb 2. Period is Aug 1 through Dec 15th. 22,000 points and 3 qualified designers. Check your bo for the breakdown.

Next Years convention is in Chicago - I want to see you there! early registration starts in Nov- please save up and plan to attend - it not only will change your business but will change your life.

I know you all want to go to local convention/training - please look for ones that are close to you. I do know of this one:

PA Training

Pennsylvania - near Hershey

Aug8th-Aug 9th
Heather Hall and Emily Allison, Senior Directors

Pennsylvania - Grantville near Harrisburg/Hershey
August 3rd 1-3:00 PM
Lisa Weihbrecht/Kim Schreiner

New Opportunity VIdeo you can use to share!


Simply text ORIGAMIOWL to 84483 and you’ll have access to the latest videos, interviews and special announcements, and be a part of the most important event this year!

So I encourage you to Find Joy in the Journey - be happy, share the O2 love and rock your business. I created a file in the FB group to list your fall launch parties. Please consider booking this now for end of Aug or early Sept. and let me know. I am here to help you and mentor you so I hope to hear from you soon.

Add ons!

Don't forget about the Summer Shopping special!