Washington County 4-H Update

January 22, 2016


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The Dodge-Washington County 4-H/FFA Market Beef Weigh Day is scheduled for SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 2016 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. The event will be held at the Masonic Home for Children (Leonard A. Johnson Building) in Fremont. All pickups and trailers should use the (west) entrance from Hwy 77 directly into the farm and NOT the (south) front entrance.

· Market Beef are required to attend this weigh day to be eligible for the 2016 Washington County Fair 4-H/FFA Market Beef Rate of Gain Contest. If less than ten 4-H/FFA Washington County market beef are weighed at the Dodge-Washington County 4-H/FFA Weigh Day (January 24, 2016), there will NOT be a Washington County Fair 4-H/FFA Market Beef Rate of Gain Contest. (Approved by Washington County 4-H Council, 1.11.2016)

· State Fair and AKSARBEN have eliminated the rate of gain contest, therefore 4-H/FFA families may tag, identify and/or DNA sample on their own if they so choose. However, animals not identified during the Dodge-Washington County 4-H/FFA Market Beef Weigh Day on Sunday, January 24 at Masonic Home will NOT be eligible for the Washington County Fair Market Beef Rate of Gate Contest.

If 4-H/FFA families are unable to attend the Dodge-Washington County Market Beef Weigh Day (January 24/Masonic Home) OR plan to identify on their own, they will be responsible for obtaining the 4-H/FFA EID tags and paperwork (DNA envelopes and/or county identification forms) from the Nebraska Extension Office in Blair. ALL PAPERWORK must be completed and submitted by APRIL 15 DEADLINE to the Nebraska Extension Office in Washington County, Blair.

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Washington County 4-H Kick-Off! February 7th, 2016


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Eastern NE 4-H Center Campership Dinner – Donation Request

The Eastern NE 4-H Center will be holding their 6th annual Campership Dinner on March 8, 2016. Over the past five years this dinner has raised over $40,000 which provided over 140 full or partial scholarships for children who otherwise would not have been able to afford a camp experience. The Eastern NE 4-H Center is asking for support of this worthy cause. Whether it’s a financial contribution or an item for our silent auction, your contribution would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for considering a donation. If you have anything you would like to donate, contact the Fundraising Chair, Taren Petersen at tpetersen@regionsix.com

4-H Companion Animal Challenge:

a. The second 4-H Companion Animal Challenge will be held on Saturday March 12th at the Animal Science Complex.

b. Contests include: Dog Skill-a-thon, Dog Quiz bowl, Companion Animal Demonstration Contest, Companion Animal Art and Photography Contests.

c. This event allows youth to apply their companion animal knowledge but does not require them to have an animal!

d. It will be held the same day as the 4-H Horse Stampede so that youth can compete in both events if they choose.

e. Entries are due to me by Feb. 19th.

For more information and registration forms: http://animalscience.unl.edu/ansc-4-h-companion-animal-challenge

Paws On 4-H Dog Workshop

a. A one day dog workshop held at the Greater Lincoln Obedience Club in Lincoln, NE on April 2 from 9AM – 3PM

b. This is a hands on workshop where youth can learn about training their dog and improve their dog knowledge.

c. The flyer/registration form can be found here: http://animalscience.unl.edu/Extension/Companion/PawsOn%20Day%20RegistrationFlyer2016.pdf

The Nebraska 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Program

The Nebraska 4-H Shooting Sports program is accepting applications now through February 11 for the new Nebraska 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Program. This program will be dedicated to leadership development in Nebraska 4-H Shooting Sports youth. Through an annual leadership seminar, participants will learn life skills, public speaking and communication skills, as well as quality leadership traits that can be applied to their 4-H projects and student career. Please Contact our office for more inforamtion! To Apply: http://goo.gl/forms/SHFcLTYt0g

Omaha Fashion Week Student Night

Nebraska 4-H is once again partnering with Omaha Fashion Week during their Spring Showcase. OFW Student Night will take place on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 and will exclusively feature high school designers, including a 4-H collection. This collection will consist of 10 garments from across the state and will be modeled by the 4-H member who made it. To Apply:

Applications are due January 20th.

Canine Companions for Life: Nebraska 4-H Dog Expo

April 22-23, 2016

Canine Companions for Life - Nebraska 4-H Dog Expo is designed to provide youth from all across the state several opportunities to meet other youth, to exchange ideas in a fun environment, to learn more about their dog(s) as well as provide an opportunity to work with their dog(s). Educational sessions are also planned for adult volunteers and parents assisting with 4-H Dog programs. Adults are also invited to sit in on the youth workshops.The registration form, cover letter, and additional information are posted to the web at: http://animalscience.unl.edu/canine-companions-life-4-h-expo

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