The Lack of Clean Water

By: Morgan Wels

The lack of clean water is a big problem every where. The problem will continue to get worse if we continue to do nothing about it. The lack of clean water has been a impacting many children and their lives.

The Problem

The problem is that around the world there is not enough clean water, Not just for drinking but for washing and doing many other things. About 70% of the earth is covered in water and 97.9% is salt water, mostly found in the oceans. Which leaves only 2.5% of earths water to be fresh water. But 70% of the fresh water is frozen in icecaps. That means less than 1% of fresh water is accessible for human uses. That's not a lot of water.


  • About 30% of the freshwater we use is found deep underground.
  • Clean drinking water is more available in areas with a greater yearly rain fall.
  • When we use our clean water we do not just waste the water we also waste the energy it took to purify the water. The water treatment plant uses a lot of energy!
  • The less industrialized counrties are more affected by the lack of water.

Affect on children

Many schools in poorer countries lack adequat water and sanatation facilities. Which is affecting the childrens education and dangering their lives. Millions of kids go to school without clean drinking water, we take that for granuate. Around 1.5 million children under the age of 5 every year from unsafe drinking water. With better water sanatation and hygiene we could reverse nearly 300 days of school missed worldwide due to diseases from the lack of clean water.


A lot of the clean water that we could use for drinking is used on showering and using the toilet, washing clothes and dishes. So one thing we could all do is use less of our clean water to do those kinds of tasks.