Learning with ICT @ BLGPS Roster

Roster for personnel in-charge of creating the monthly e-newsletter.

Here's the roster and suggested topic

July - Mei Lian and Ada (share your ICT mentor journey / lessons) (DONE!)

August - Perry and Huiyi (share your ICT mentor journey / lessons)

September - Turina and Shui Farn (e-learning and Asknlearn)

October - Colin and Zawiah (e-books, book trailers)

November - Ai Ling and Sarah (music, art)

Feel free to share articles or reflections based on your area of work (e.g. ICT Mentor, LMS, MRL, learnings from other schools / NIE, etc)

Points to note

Do complete the e-newsletter by the end of each month so that we can share and publicize this to our staff. I'll get Lynn to upload the links up onto our website for all to access.

Juliana can help in creating the flying if you want to but I find that this website is simple enough for us to do on our own.

I notice that the site doesn't work too well on IE though :(