the 5 pillars of islam

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1st piller

the first pillars name is Shahadah which also meant profession in Islamism and shahadah in English that means "the testimony" and was also believed to be where Muhammad talked to god

the second pillar also known as salat

the second pillar for Islam means faith and where they give prayers but before they begin they must preform a ritual washing

the third pillar

the third pillar is zakat or (giving to those in need) the word zakat in English means purification

the 4th pillar

the 4th pillar name is Siam which means going without food they think its a fast way of worshiping god

the 5th and final pillar

the last pillar name is hajj witch means faith in the holy city of makkah during Islamic year's 12th month millions of believers from all over the world come to have faith in hajj