The Spanish-American War

By: Samantha Phillips

The New York Wold and The New York Journal

The New York Wold and The New York Journal were rival. The newspapers always struggled for readers. Their struggle over newspaper sales helped to provoke a real war, the Spanish-American War. The rivalry between the Word and the Journal extended beyond the Yellow Kid cartoon. Their new stories were called Yellow Journalism. Yellow journalism was stories on other countries and that helped inform Americans be notified about things happening around the world. To inseminate support from rebels, Weyler forced ten thousand of Cubans into unsanitary and overcrowded reconcentration camps.

The Letter

Dear Editor,

I believe that that Te New York World and The New York Journal are a good way of letting people know what is going on in the world. The yellow journalism, the stories on other countries, helps inform Americans what is going on in the world. I also believe that the newspapers could potentially be bad or dangerous. The stories on other countries could anger Americans and cause unneeded wars and arguments. The newspapers helped provoke the Spanish-American War. I feel its helpful but you need to be careful with what you publish so bigger issues aren't made.


Samantha Phillips

The U.S.S. Maine

The Battlefront: Fighting in Cuba

Havana and the north coast of Cuba. At the eastern end of the island, however, a Spanish squadron slipped into the harbor at Santiago. On July 1, General Shafter launched his assault on Santiago, moving Spanish troops dug in along a ridge. Roosevelt and the Rough Riders charged up Kettle Hi;;, while other U.S. force fought a tougher fight for San Juan Hill. Even though there was a quick victory, not all things went as planned for U.S. forces. Around 5,500 Americans died, mostly from tropical diseases like malaria and yellow fever.

The Cartoon

The cartoon below shows Democrat William Bryan argued that the island should be independent. President McKinley and the Republicans declared that American control was needed to keep law and order. Platt Amendment allowed the United States to intervene in Cuban affairs and to buy or lease land for naval bases. The Anti-Imperialist League was an organization formed using the war to oppose the establishment of the U.S. colonies.
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