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A weekly mixture of information 6/13/16

Progress reports go out on Wednesday

As of 6/13/16, your grades have been updated. Progress reports post on Wednesday, so please remember that sometimes the progress report itself does not match your grade in the portal due to the daily fluctuation of grades. The grade you will see is only a snapshot of what is completed daily.
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Final exams are just around the corner

Take this time out to study daily a section at a time in your module that you feel is the weakest area for you....view videos, study vocabulary using studystack, or maybe using quizlet with flash cards.

**A generic study guide will be posted soon, so you can get a head start on studying.

There are 45 questions, and it is timed, so pace yourself at 2 minutes per question... don't leave any questions blank, flag the ones you want to go back and check.

Final exams start July 14. It is best to get a head start on your studying now, for success on the exam.

Check your email daily

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How to communicate with Mrs. Norris

Please remember that I am not allowed as an instructor with GaVS to respond to you if it is from an outside source.... when communicating with me, you must adhere to policy and use your GaVS emails that was set up at the beginning of your course.
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Mrs. Robin Norris

Science teacher

You can text me as needed too

Cell phone ~ 678-416-8153

email ~