Artifact Reflections

By Codey D. Fuller


Captioning is not a new concept me, but the process on how it works is. During this lab we were able to make a video and put caption to it. I always thought that captioning was created by the television or computer. Being able to use Amara has shown me the intense process that people go through to create something that will accessible Although there are other captioning programs out there, I think that Amara is the best way to sub title a video, because you know that the captioning will be correct. Since I am interested in creating videos for my classroom I can now use Amara to make sure that the video lessons, that I produce, will now be accessible to all my students.

Mind mapping

I use mind mapping all the time and think it is one of the best ways to organize ideas. Before I learned about mind mapping on the web I thought mind mapping only involved circles and lines, that contained words. Now I see that mind mapping can contain pictures that are relative to the subject and color. Since my run in with this mind mapping tool I have been looking up other tools like it. These include Mindomo, Mindjet and even prezi. As a sub, and not being able to get on the computer, I now have the thought that mind mapping can be so much more then words and lines, and instead I can put words, pictures and add color to help the students follow along with the topic that I am teaching them.

Word Document

I have used word since I have been in elementary. However, I never used subtitles and titles with-in the word document because I never thought it was that important. I realize now that these two things can mean so much to a person that has no sight or even a regular person. If a blind person is reading your document being able to add titles and sub titles allows his or her reader to tell that person what is important, and is going to be talked about with in that section. Being able to use titles and sub titles also enables a person to become more organized, in what they are creating. Ever since I learned how to use these two functions correctly it seems like I have been using them on a regular bases.