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I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and you found a way to get some much deserved rest.

Congratulations Christine and Luis! We are so happy for you!

Thank you for one of the best Early Release Days ever. I loved the synergy and the great exchange of ideas. I can’t wait to see what comes of this great integration.

Special thanks to all the Specialists for organizing our Combs 101 assemblies on Friday and to our Instructional Coaches for supervising the students. Our Superheroes were a HUGE, HUGE HIT!

We would like Friday to be the deadline to have all locator cards and forms turned in to the office. Please encourage your students to bring in these important documents.

We have a busy few weeks ahead. Being proactive, synergizing and putting first things first, will help us all complete the tasks before us in a timely and positive manner.

BT’s will meet Thursday afternoon at 3:30. Location to be announced.

All our staff new to Combs will attend the 7 Habits training at Centennial Campus Middle School, Tuesday-Wednesday. We all need to rally around and help out if needed. I would like to ask all Lighthouse Team members to periodically check in on the subs on your grade level and let Jason and me know if they need any help or support. We will check in as well throughout the next two days.

We are on the observation trail and appreciate your understanding and cooperation as Jason and I try to get this mammoth task completed before October 15. Please let us know if you need us for anything.

I would encourage you to make an appearance during your scheduled lunchtime during both Grand Gator Days. Our grandparents love meeting you! This is such a great PR opportunity for you and our school.

Thank you for taking care of your hospitality dues and PTA dues. $30.00 for certified staff, $15.00 for non-certified. PTA dues $5.00.

Please make sure all valuables are under lock and key when you are not in the room. We have had several things missing recently and to date are unable to figure who is responsible.

Thank you for reminding visitors without a badge that they need to report back to the office. Please let us know if you would like for us to intervene and redirect the parents so you are not placed in an uncomfortable position.

We ask that you refrain from having volunteers after 2:00 unless you are having something special going on. We are trying to keep the building as secure as possible during the closing of the school day. We also want to protect you from “unexpected visitors” during this time.

If you use the door between the cafeteria and media center, please make sure that it closes all the way. We have reported that if often does not close all the way unless you really pull hard on the door handle. Thanks so much!

Please let Juan know if your patios need cleaning. We want to have things looking great for next week’s Back to School Open House.

What’s going on this week?

· Covey Training for all new staff, September 8-9.

· BT’s will meet Wednesday afternoon, September 9.

· I have a Magnet Principals’ Meeting on Thursday from 2-4:30.

· All Hall displays need to be up by Thursday, September 10.

· Grand Gator Days- Thursday- A-L, Friday- M-Z.

· Please submit student forms by the end of the week. The video permission form can remain in your room but we need locator cards ASAP. Please submit what you have to Denise. Please make every effort to get these cards back by Friday. Please submit the names of those children who have not returned the cards to Denise on Friday.

Looking ahead

· I am out more than I am in next week. I have an all day Central Area Principals’ Meeting on Tuesday, an NCDPI meeting on Wednesday and an all day Principals’ Meeting on Thursday.

· Curriculum Nights are next week. An administrator will be present each night. This is a very important and special night for all concerned. Please let us know if we can help you.

If you have a student teacher that would like to observe a specialist, please encourage them to first have a conversation with that teacher to set up a time. Thank you!

Emergency Sub Plans are due Friday, September 11 to the office. You need to have 3 complete days of sub plans that can be used no matter the material that you might be covering. Please have copies that a sub might need in the folder/binder. In preparing what should be handed in please be sure to include:

  • Class list (including any specials notes/concerns- including but not limited to allergies/custody issues/etc.)
  • Daily Schedule
  • Explanation of your behavior management plan
  • Important Contacts List (Grade level teachers/helpful students)
  • Emergency procedures clearly explained

Some helpful websites are here and here.

All students except 2nd graders should check in before going to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Upcoming Events


September 7

  • No School - Labor Day

September 8

  • 7 Habits Training

September 9

  • 7 Habits Training

September 10

  • BT Meeting @ 3:30
  • Grand Gator Day A-L
  • Hallway Displays Due
  • Magnet Principal Meeting
  • BOG (Grade 3)

September 11

  • Ingrid Law Author Visit
  • Grand Gator Day M-Z
  • IRT Meeting
  • Happy birthday, Brittany!


September 14

  • Curriculum Night (First & Fourth)

September 15

  • Curriculum Night (Second & Fifth)
  • Picture Day
  • Meredith Students observe P.E.
  • Central Area Principals' Meeting
  • Happy birthday, Dr. Hoots!

September 16

  • Curriculum Night (Kindergarten & Third)
  • Coaching Training

September 17

  • Medical Training with Nurse Pat
  • Principals' Meeting
  • Happy birthday, Artie!

September 18

  • Field Trip Plans Due
  • Emergency Sub Plans Due
  • Magnet Coordinators' Meeting

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