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The collapse in crude oil prices is one of the biggest factors that have led to a sharp drop in the markets across the globe. But for the Indian economy, this may have been the best thing to happen.

Current account deficit is down to almost zero or half a per cent, inflation has stabilised and the rate of growth is supposed to be one of the highest in the world at 7-7.5 per cent. Everything is right for India.

The current turmoil roiling global equities, which have also dragged the Indian equity market lower, offers an excellent entry point for medium-term and long-term investors

What Sublime can Provide?

Investors have lost close to Rs 9 lakh crore in market capitalisation on the BSE so far in January weighed down by a crash in crude oil prices, China jitters, a slowdown in global economic growth and muted earnings.

Investors can still take shelter in those stocks and sectors which have a stable track record of growth, promising earnings outlook, efficient management, less impacted by global factors, are not highly leverage and are trading at attractive valuations.

We try to strike a good balance between value and growth. What we are saying is that we are not going to be investing in value if we do not see any sign of growth.

we are not going to be investing in expensive stocks even if there is growth, if it is not justified by the right kind of valuations

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