The element of surprise: Alycia Ocampo


  • Hydrogen was discovered in 1776
  • In Greek words hydro and water means "water and generator"


  • Rocket fuel
  • welding
  • production of hydrochloric acid
  • Its melting point is just above zero


  • It makes up two of three atoms in water
  • A form of water in both atoms are replaced by deuterium


  • Hydrogen is the lightest element
  • It is a major component of Jupiter
  • It is a major part of the sun and most of the stars


  • Hydrogen is a colorless highly flammable gas
  • It has a low density
  • It has a melting point of 14.01
  • It is not an electrical conductor

Interesting Facts

  • The size of the neutral atoms depends on the way in which the measurement is made
  • some bonds are short because of multiple bonding
  • Hydrogen does not react to dilute bases


  • It is colorless and flammable
  • Has no smell or taste
  • Solid Hydrogen can be made by cooling