2nd Grade News

with Ms. Przedpelski

Reading Logs & Reflections

The month of February is almost over! Most students are doing a fabulous job on their reflections this month, and many students have already reached their AR goals for the month. I am so proud! Students are given an opportunity every day to work on reflections and take AR quizzes during class. However, it can be difficult to take a quiz and write a reflection if a student has not finished their book! Please encourage your students to spend some time at home each night reading as well to ensure they reach their goal! I will collect February logs & reflections on Monday, February 29th. Students who have reached their AR goals will earn their Dress Down day on Tuesday, March 1st!

Very Important Information:


I will be entering my student names on Wednesday evening to redeem their free Six Flags ticket :) Make sure you turn in your completed log by Wednesday!

2. Alliance Field Trip is THURSDAY!

We will be heading on our field trip to see The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe on Thursday. Your students must wear their RED uniform shirt and uniform bottoms! We will eat lunch before leaving FSAPS. Students will be provided with a snack and juice after the shower before we return to school. It will be a fun day for our elementary students!

3. Prize Box is ALMOST EMPTY

We have almost run out of prizes in our prize box! Please send in prize box donations if you are able.... I would GREATLY appreciate it, and I know your 2nd graders would be thrilled!

Thank you to Madeline for your awesome donations to our Prize Box AND our library this week!

4. STUDY ISLAND is posted for Reading and Math this week!

This really seems to be helping some of our students. I am so glad! Keep up the great work.

5. Homework packet due 2/26

It is uploaded to FSAconnect in your child's math section.

6. PLEASE return overdue library books!

Many students in our classroom have library books at home. Please make sure these books are returned to the library! Students cannot check out a new book without returning their book or paying their overdue book fine.

6. Dr. Seuss Day is coming SOON! (March 2)

This is SUCH a fun day for our elementary students celebrating reading and the awesome author Dr. Seuss! Students will even be able to dress up like a Seuss character (if they choose). I can't wait to see my fun 2nd graders and their costumes.

Please see more info about this special day below :)

7. Maker Faire

Proposals to be a part of the first ever maker faire at FSAPS are due February 29!

8. Bring in BOX TOPS for NJHS

The class who brings in the MOST wins the competition and a dress down day! We have a bag full already.... let's keep them coming!

What is Coming Up?

Mark Your Calendars

February 24: Six Flags Read to Succeed Log DUE!

February 25: Alliance Theater Trip The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Pre-K-5 Grade

February 26th and 27th: 6 pm - Drama 101 presentation of " The Giver"

February 29: The last day to turn in Maker Faire proposal forms

March 2: Dr. Seuss Day!

Big image

Dr. Seuss Day is Coming!

On Wednesday, March 2nd PreK-3rd grade students will be celebrating one of our favorite authors with so many fun learning activities! Part of celebrating Dr. Seuss is to celebrate his LOVE for reading. One of our rotations on Dr. Seuss day will consist of the students "Reading Across America" to earn a certificate in honor of their support for Dr. Seuss' love for learning and reading.

Our classroom will be turned into a complete reading oasis, full of comfortable areas for students to relax and read during that rotation. In order to create this reading oasis... I need your help! If you have comfortable bean bag chairs, pillows, body pillows, blankets, ANY items to help create a space for students to comfortably read.... please email me - these items will be used on Wednesday, March 2nd and then returned to their owner after Dr. Seuss day! If you have something we will be able to use, let me know and I will respond to your email with more details! :)

Another item we need to make our reading oasis...... LOTS of Dr. Seuss books! I have a stack in my classroom, but I would love to have more for students to choose from while they visit our room. If you have Seuss books at home that we could borrow for the day, please let me know! I will make sure they are LABELED with your name so I can return them after Dr. Seuss day.

Thank you for your help in making Dr. Seuss day EXTRA special for our elementary students!

Also.... if you are interested in volunteering for this fun day - please be on the lookout for a sign up coming soon!

Curriculum Corner

Reading/Language Arts:

This week we will be practicing compound words, adjectives, and adverbs in Language Arts. In Reading, our story for the week is titled The First Tortilla. We will be practicing Main Idea and Detail, Plot, and Theme and SUMMARIZING a story using great transition words.

Ms. P's Math Class:

Ms. P's Math class is working on our last chapter of Measurement! Students have brought home workbook 2A and we are not jumping ahead to Chapter 13: Customary Units of Measurement. We will be measuring using inches, feet, and yards during this chapter. We will take a quiz on customary measurement on Friday, February 25th. We will then have a week of review of ALL of our measurement (Mass, Volume, and Length) and take a Unit test on Friday, March 4th!

Ms. Minor's Math Class:

Ms. Minor's students did a great job on their metric measurement quiz. On Monday, the students will begin working on measuring mass with grams and kilograms. They will have their second metric quiz on Friday. Keep working on study island at home; it definitely makes a big difference!


We are continuing our new chapter all about Plants and Animals this week! This week we will be completing an Animal Webquest on the media center computers and an Animal Habitats research project using the iPads. It will be a VERY fun week for our 2nd grade scientists.

Social Studies:

We have finished our Economics unit in Social Studies! I will be grading these assessments this weekend, and I am hopeful that our students did great. Next week we will begin our unit on Cultures. This will be a very fun unit for our class.